What I Really Needed To Understand

Before I Could Make A Difference

There are a lot of ways to live your life.

Some people want to make money, others only want to make love.

Some people are focused on firing union workers, others are focused on firing rifles.

Some people love raising children, others love raising capital.

It’s hard to figure out the ultimate lifestyle. That depends on what makes you tick and on what your purpose in life is.

But there’s one thing we all have to understand.

And it took me thirty-three years to get there.

Nothing Personal, Strictly Business

I used to think that the universe hated me.

It was always conspiring against me in my mind.

Two years ago, a start-up that I co-owned went bankrupt and I remember telling my friend and co-owner something weird that day.

I told him that we should have expected that result from the start.

He looked at me surprised and asked: ‘I don’t get it, why should we have expected bankruptcy from the start?’

I replied: ‘I’m doomed in every venture I ever started.’

by Gabriel on Unsplash

My friend then burst into a laugh, even when things were that dire, and said:

‘This has nothing do you with you personally. Start-ups are known to go bankrupt.’

He talked like he was addressing a four-year-old.

For the record, I don’t think that anymore. I stopped thinking I’m doomed.

I realized all those failed ventures happened for a reason. They all taught me something valuable and showed me the truth.

The universe is always right.

Stop Playing The Victim Card

That perspective guides me now.

The universe doesn’t sabotage us and it’s definitely not here to work against us.

If anything, it helps us constantly.

All the darkness and hard times I faced were most of the times my own fault. It could have easily ended much worse.

by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Luckily it didn’t.

I now truly believe that I had to experience it all, the beauty and the darkness.

Life happens for us not to us.

It’s to easy to play the victim card when something bad happens. It’s much harder to take responsibility and step up to the plate.

Everybody can quit but how many people can keep going against the odds?

Almost nobody.

End It Before It Starts

Luckily, that’s changing.

And fast.

A lot of people are done playing the victim card. They’re fed up with being captivated by fear.

People are rising up and taking fate in their own hands.

It is happening.


That surprised me the most on this spiritual writing journey:

The good people outnumber the bad in overwhelming quantities.

It’s not even close.

And finally, those good people are starting to realize that it’s up to them to save humanity.

It’s up to them to fight back against our prison guards.

You know the best time for averting a nuclear holocaust?

Before it even starts.

And that means now, people.

People are awakening.

Everywhere I look, I see people who are starting to get what’s going on. They see through the manipulation and are ready to rise up.

They’re escaping their mental prison complex and breaking out of the matrix as we speak.

The universe is always right.

Please remember that.

It’s always going to be true.

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