Easily Find Slack And Twitter Conversations Through Google

How much time do you spend communicating with your teammates to catch them up on your work? How many organizational resources does your company spend to try to overcome the barriers that keep the right hand from knowing what the left hand is doing?

It’s crucial for teams to adopt practices of transparency — but also crucial for teams to do in efficient ways, so that people still have enough time to focus on their jobs. Two of Kifi’s new features help solve this dilemma.

Now, when you’re searching for a topic, you see the Slack and Twitter conversations the page has been mentioned in. If you click on the Slack channel in your search results, Kifi will take you right to the place in the Slack channel where the link was mentioned — allowing you to quickly catch up on what the team was talking about. You can also visit the Tweets, where they are kept in Kifi Libraries.

This is in addition to showing you how many libraries any link has been kept in, and which of your teammates or social connections kept the link — something our community has told us is one of their favorite Kifi features.

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