Footage Captured of Possible UFO Swarm Over Hawaii

Oʻahu resident captures UAP swarm over the waters of Māʻili

Ryan Sprague
Point of Contact


Vince Aquino is a resident of Māʻili, a beach-side area in the Waiʻanae District on the island of Oʻahu in Hawaii. For over five years, he has set up his Nikon z6 camera in his ocean-side back yard to capture time lapses of the pristine sunsets off the west side of the island. Having recorded hundreds of these time-lapses, he’d become acquainted with most conventional objects, wildlife, or aircraft that flew out of or in to this area.

Vince Aquino

“I’ve captured everything from shooting stars, meteors, satellites, aircraft, to drones and birds,” Aquino explained. But it was on the night of May 31st, 2021, that something in that evening’s video really caught his attention.

At about the 20 second mark of this video below, a bright blue light can be seen coming from the land and darting off over the ocean and disappearing. Soon after, a large swarm of multi-colored objects appear to head in the same general direction as the blue light and then disappear.