Real Change Ahead on UAP?

The 18th episode of “Need to Know with Coulthart and Zabel” brings the road warriors back to their home bases for an hour debrief between Sydney and Los Angeles about what comes next.

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — Dr. Garry Nolan — Betty and Barney Hill — A.D. After Disclosure

Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel

are back from a road trip in the U.S. investigating UAP/UFO stories for a long-form documentary that will air on Channel 7 Australia in mid-August.

In their most recent episode of “Need to Know with Coulthart and Zabel,” the two reporters (who just met in person for the first time while shooting the doc) take a deep dive into three subjects:

  • First: new language from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that may grant immunity for potential witnesses not only in government but in private aerospace.
  • Also: Is Gary Nolan the new Lue Elizondo? The Stanford professor has been raising his profile in the UAP community, and has granted Ross a wide-ranging and shocking interview (which we’ll play in a later episode).
  • Finally: a discussion that only begins to tackle the subject: how will we change in a post-disclosure world — after most of the world acknowledges that we are not alone?

The NTK Podcast

Our show began as a podcast, available on Apple, Spotify, iHeart or wherever, served straight up with solid talk through the eyes of a couple of trained journalists who reject the stigma that has kept so many other mainstream journalists from truly investigating what is now looking like the greatest news story ever.

Listen to the podcast:

The NTK Video

Need to Know also takes the audio of the podcast and produces a limited production, enhanced video for YouTube.

Ross and Bryce want viewers to have a different experience than podcast listeners. Our video “style” is that we don’t have a style, and each episode might do something completely different than the last one.

Because the episode is about how we’re rapidly moving into a disclosure environment with unpredictable outcomes and experiences, we have edited this one to be deliberately disorienting visually, to set the viewer off-balance while trying to process some shocking truths said out loud about the nature of our reality.

It’s experiential. At one point, just when you think you’re used to the zooms and the filters, the image of Ross turns into a cartoon. Some people will hate this, of course, but that’s the point.

Bingeing post-Disclosure TV won’t be the cozy affair of Peak TV that the streamers offer now.

No, in an A.D. world (After Disclosure), you’re going to be on edge, and you’re going to look for things to watch on this subject that feel authentic. We hope to be one of your sources when that time comes. So this is just to get you in the mood.

Watch the Video at Top of Story, or Go Here:

Trail of the Saucers is published by Stellar Productions and edited by Bryce Zabel, the co-host of the new UAP/UFO podcast, “Need to Know with Coulthart and Zabel.”




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Bryce Zabel

Writer/producer in features & TV. Creator, five primetime series. Ex: TV Academy CEO; CNN reporter; USC professor. Author of books about the Beatles, JFK, UFOs.