Coast-to-Coast AM

Talking UFOs at the Stroke of Midnight

How being over-caffeinated in the middle of the night on live radio can focus a mind as few other broadcast experiences can.

Graphic Art by Nick Madrid, Madrid Graphic Art

THERE’S NO WAY TO MINIMIZE THE RUSH YOU FEEL. When you get a call or an email from the producers at Coast-to-Coast AM asking if you would…




Remixing UFO/UAP News, History, Culture, and Analysis. Published by Stellar Productions and edited by writer/producer Bryce Zabel, co-host of Need to Know with Coulthart and Zabel, creator of NBC’s Dark Skies, co-author of A.D. After Disclosure.

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Bryce Zabel

Bryce Zabel

Writer/producer in features & TV. Creator, five primetime series. Ex: TV Academy CEO; CNN reporter; USC professor. Author of books about the Beatles, JFK, UFOs.

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