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We Can Handle the Truth

Why now — despite pandemic, protests and politics — is still the perfect time to end the UFO cover-up.

Bryce Zabel
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28 min readJun 8, 2020


The original version of this article was written by Bryce Zabel and Ryan Robbins in June of 2020. Minor updates to it were made by Bryce Zabel in 2021.

Times are tough. Just over a year ago, the coronavirus sent us indoors to watch the number of victims skyrocket and the economy crater. Now, even as we start to return to our normal lives, there are reminders everywhere about what a deeply divided nation America now is. We can’t agree on vaccines, social justice, or even who got elected in the last election.

Demanding to be dealt with are the challenges of climate disasters, species extinctions, poverty, refugees and nuclear proliferation. We have issues of war and peace with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, at minimum.

Can we really afford to add aliens to the mix?

The argument is understandable. The world of 2021 seems just too unbalanced and chaotic.

An easy argument can be made that to add in the mind-blowing fact that we truly are not alone is more than society can deal with at one time. Disclosure of UFO reality will have to wait to give us time to be prepared. Or so the thinking goes…

It’s a false narrative, and it should be rejected.

The actual truth is that the right time to start coming clean about humankind’s place in the universe is today.

Disclosure now may not be as counter-intuitive as it seems:

  • If we do it during this rocky present day, it’s also possible that a discussion of UFO reality would not necessarily force the 24/7 panic in the news cycle that we’ve always feared it would.
  • In fact, talking honestly about such an important topic may provide a bit of relief and distraction from what seem like such intransigent topics.
  • Beyond changing the subject, the admission that we’re not alone might actually work to unify humankind on some level, showing us that we are more alike than we think.
  • The idea that another intelligence is interacting with us won’t seem nearly as strange as it used to be, given that we’ve already been getting acclimated to the concept through the entertainment media for many decades now.
  • Despite a recent experience with a limited disclosure from the Navy and the Senate Intelligence Committee, society has hardly come unhinged by the idea and the concept of proven unknown technology still has to fight for our attention.
  • Fears that UFO Disclosure might trigger mass protests, people staying at home, workplace disruption or economic uncertainty, have less bite, given that we are facing all of that right now anyway.

Granted, there are compelling concerns, all more than valid, about how to deal with such an astonishingly complex issue. It’s likely that some people within government and private enterprise are wrestling with this very issue even as the words in this article get vacuumed up into search engines. Even so, there are arguments for action, sooner rather than later.

The Department of Defense Doesn’t Know What They Are Either | U.S. Navy

The human lifespan, averaged for men and women, between all countries on Earth, according to the United Nations, is 72.6 years. Let’s round up to 73.

Time’s Up

This year, 2021, will mark the 74th anniversary of those events.

That’s correct. Longer than the average human lifetime.

This means that anyone born on Earth when Arnold had his sighting or Jesse Marcel was forced into the coverup has a better than average chance of already being dead. The secret has been held so long and is so entrenched the undertaker is winning this race for disclosure of UFO/UAP reality.

Pause and think for a moment about all the men and women who have diligently chased the truth about this mysterious Phenomenon who went to their graves without truly learning. Here’s a random sample:

Donald Keyhoe, James McDonald, J. Allen Hynek, Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Ann Druffel, Stanton Friedman, John Fuller, Frank Edwards, Betty Hill, Aimé Michel, Art Bell, Colin Wilson, Edward Ruppelt, Glenn Dennis, Jesse Marcel, Robert Dean, Jim Marrs, John Keel, Edgar Mitchell, Leonard Stringfield, Morris Jessup, Philip Corso, Walter Andrus and so many, many others.

Let’s not quibble about who should or shouldn’t be on that list. Some are more worthy than others. There aren’t nearly enough women or people of color. That’s grist for a future article.

The point here, however, is pretty simple. These names above are a collection of people who you might recognize from their passionate quests for knowledge. Many other researchers and philosophers have devoted their life energies to solving this mystery.

Imagine all the other people who have seen the Phenomenon up close and personal and who lived their lives hoping that they could pass on knowing at least what people who have access to classified information and secret scientific studies might know. They caught no breaks either.

Yet either the mystery or the people who guard it have kept them from knowing the truth, or at least the best working theories about what the truth is. Can we seriously believe that the Department of Defense only got interested in the subject in the 2000s with AATIP and the Nimitz case?

Meantime, the suppression of truth over the years past has given us an irritating history, not of the government not fessing up, but of people taking advantage of this truth embargo to make up stories, lie about contact, pretend to have information they don’t have and on and on. The amount of nonsense that surrounds the UFO issue is directly related to the starvation we’ve endured for actual facts.

UFOs have always existed since, by definition, any object in the air that you can’t identify is one of them.

As has often been said, even by people who know the most about the phenomenon, most sightings can be explained away. Yet anyone who has done any research knows that a large, stubborn, significant collection of them have always defied easy explanation. Moreover, the paper trail they’ve left in our government files is crystal clear that our representatives actually have tried to understand them from the beginning. They have always suspected them of being exotic technology, particularly because they knew we didn’t make them.

The news is that there are signs that some official change in policy seems to be in the works for reasons that aren’t any more clear than the origin of the UFOs themselves. The most significant development in years, of course, is the release of those three videos from the United States Navy — Gimbal, Go Fast and Flir — first described in the New York Times in December 2017. Then, in 2020, there was the shocking confirmation by the Department of Defense that the videos are legit, and that the images are unexplained and the reactions by pilots are authentic.

As Stephen Stills wrote in his classic song For What It’s Worth, “Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

Hiding Behind National Security is No Answer | Alicia Fernandez

Estimate of the Situation

If you haven’t spent some time reviewing the thousands of high-quality sightings, pilot encounters, police and military witnesses and radar confirmations, you should. It’s beyond the scope of this essay to take this on. What we can say is that there’s definitely a there there.

Once you realize that something strange has been going on in our skies (and our oceans) for many, many years, it’s not much of a leap to understand that a secret of this magnitude has not kept itself. With all that activity, some group or groups of people in the know must have been tasked with getting to the bottom of this mystery. Their names have obviously changed over the years. Some were military, others worked in private enterprise, no doubt part of Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex.” Some were American, but others have come from around the world as UFOs seem to have never respected national boundaries. What they have not done, however, is share their work.

Imagine the sheer audacity it took to selfishly cling to UFO secrecy. This meant that multiple generations believed that it was their right to keep the American people ignorant of this mysterious presence. Consider the mentality required to conclude that the best way to deal with UFOs would be to ensure most elected officials are ignorant of this reality and that the American people, hundreds of millions of us, should intentionally be led to believe the entire subject is nonsense. And worse, that those of us directly affected by it should be treated as mentally incompetent and subjected to ridicule for reporting events that we saw and experienced.

By using the twin pillars of Denial and Ridicule, the people themselves were manipulated into accepting a way of looking at the world that simply was not true.

This means that our own government has effectively behaved like Gollum, obsessed with guarding the One Ring of UFO secrecy. As such, these insiders have done everything in their power (perhaps even illegally), and spent unaccounted for amounts of treasure, all to ensure the acknowledgement of UFO reality stayed within the confines of their jurisdiction. They prevented it from leaking out to their own people and even other nations where it could be assessed by the planet’s greatest minds and institutions.

Yes, that all happened.

The existence of these anomalous objects have been confirmed by a number of official programs over the years — from the Air Force’s public relations ploy Project Blue Book in the 1950s and 1960s to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that was funded by Senator Harry Reid in 2007. In between there have been investigations known as Project Sign, Project Grudge, the Condon Report, etc. and possibly even an Above Top Secret group created by President Truman after the Roswell crash that’s still the subject of confusion by disinformation.

The United States Air Force has used a “fact sheet” since abandoning Blue Book back in 1969 when asked about UFOs. It states that the U.S. government will no longer be investigating unidentified flying objects. Its two most outrageous statements are these:

  • No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security.
  • There has been no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as “unidentified” represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge.

The first statement is a flat-out lie, given the history of these objects interfering with the world’s military forces, most troubling that they appear in proximity to nuclear weapons time and again. All of which is confirmed by documents and testimony.

The second statement is, you guessed it, also a flat-out lie. From the pilot reports going back to the 1940s through today, our own people, have stated over and over how out-classed they were by whatever technology these objects represent.

The U.S. Air Force position has just been officially negated by the U.S. Navy videos, confirmed by the DoD.

Numerous reports on the subject have been declassified thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, proving clearly that even when the government said they weren’t investigating UFOs they most certainly were.

The point is that at the same time the government has been telling us that UFOs aren’t real or, if there are unidentified craft that they pose no threat, they have also been studying them, quite possibly interacting with them and, all the while, withholding this information from the public.

This is where it gets even more interesting.

In what now seems an act of heroism, Intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, the AATIP leader and now a key spokesman for the group responsible for getting them to the public, To The Stars Academy, made a historic comment on October 11, 2017 (two months before the New York Times report broke). Elizondo said — on the record — that while head of a government funded program studying UFOs he learned, “The phenomena is indeed real.” Mind you, this was only days after he resigned and began to take the case to the public.

Elizondo said he quit out of his loyalty for the Department of Defense because he wanted to change how UFOs were handled and he felt the best way to accomplish this was from the outside. While head of AATIP, try as he might, he couldn’t get UFO data up the chain of command so that then Secretary of Defense James Mattis could have data on these mysterious machines that could, among other things, infiltrate Carrier Strike Group airspace with impunity.

Elizondo also wanted to be free to inform the American public about the existence of UFOs so as to help facilitate a conversation about this reality. Elizondo is not an outlier. Many former Navy aviators, radar operators, and technicians have subsequently publicly asserted they have encountered UFOs that simply can’t be explained by Newtonian physics.

These men and women were trusted with the most expensive weapons systems the world has ever seen, including nuclear bombs. Can we really insist that all of them see things that don’t exist and make false reports?

The Famous Nimitz Video

There are excellent cases across the decades for you to look into but, because it’s so recent, let’s look at just one, the Nimitz case, from the 2000s.

Take Commander David Fravor, a no-nonsense Naval aviator, who, along with his backseater, and his wingwoman and her backseater, all concluded that while flying F-18s on November 14, 2004, they all witnessed the same thing with their own eyes. Namely, they saw a flying object, now known as the “Tic-Tac” that had no wings, no rudders, no ailerons, no fins, no visible propulsion system or exhaust plumes, and yet stayed aloft and could out maneuver anything known within the United States military inventory or any other inventory on Earth.

Just for absolute clarity, this incident involved the occupants of two planes flying at two different altitudes for over five minutes on a sunny day with unlimited visibility. After Fravor and his wingwoman landed, another Naval aviator, Chad Underwood took off, and was able to record video footage of the Tic-Tac. If all this wasn’t enough, Commander Fravor and other Navy veterans reported the original video they saw was not only significantly higher resolution than what the public has seen, but displayed appendages on the bottom of the Tic-Tac that aren’t visible with the publicly released video.

We’re not done here. In addition to these pilots, it seems that a seaborne Spy-1 radar on the U.S.S. Princeton, and airborne radar on the E-2 Hawkeye, both tracked the same object visually. So, pilots, check, radar, check.

Finally, the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense have had over fifteen years to study the multitude of sensor data collected during Fravor’s encounter and to this day they affirm it’s truly unknown. The notion that what was encountered on November 14, 2004 was a drone, a 747 in the distance, or some other prosaic thing is, frankly, extremely unlikely.

The Bottom Line

These things are real, intelligently controlled, and high tech. Not a weather balloon in the bunch.

Senate Watergate Hearings | UPI || A Few Good Men | Columbia Pictures

Passing the Torch

In A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Jessep shouts, “You can’t handle the truth!” His point is simple: there are some things that a democracy needs done that require some of our tougher citizens to keep the rest of us safe by any means necessary, and we don’t really want or need to know the details.

Then there’s the idea that The People have a right to know. It’s been invoked to explain everything from the Watergate hearings to the Freedom of Information Act. The idea here is that secrets should not be held forever and that gatekeepers need to stand aside except in matters of deep national security threats and, even then, for only so long.

Obviously, these two points-of-view do not peacefully co-exist. The question before us today, however, is whether or not we, the citizens of the United States (and by extension the world), can handle the truth.

For years, speculation has been that we can’t. It’s been said that religions would freak out yet there is no indication that is true. In fact, polls show that people of all religious faiths have no more issue with the possibility of extraterrestrial life than anyone else. Even the Vatican is actively involved and knowledgeable on the subject. Evangelicals are extremely well-informed on these issues.

It’s been further said that society would collapse as we grapple with our reduced place in the universe, like Native peoples were destroyed by colonists and conquistadors. Other than that human-based anecdotal example, there is no proof, partly because we know so little about what these Others are and what they want. So, absolutely, this could be a problem. But the solution is not to desperately maintain a lie that is falling apart, but to bring us all together where we can openly discuss our options.

Let’s run the facts. As we said, the New York Times has published two widely circulated front-page articles that have spurred fresh reporting throughout the media, social and mainstream. Elizondo has been all over the airwaves as has Commander David Fravor. Elizondo even told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that he believes the government has crash wreckage. Fravor has told everyone who will listen that the craft he encountered was not from this world.

No one seems to be freaking out. Interest in the subject has never been higher.

The opposite of collapse could happen if the truth becomes more widely exposed. We could just as easily see our status elevated if welcomed to a universe that may be teeming with life. It could enrich our society. It might even improve humankind’s self-esteem rather than destroy it, being admitted to an exclusive club.

In any case, it’s not as if life is without layers of uncertainties. Even our own government has felt it necessary to alert U.S. citizens that China and Russia have nuclear armed missiles pointed at Los Angeles and Washington D.C. that if launched intentionally or accidentally would kill millions of Americans and quite possibly lead to an environmental disaster that would destroy most of our planet.

And further in the existential threat department, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic which has already killed a horrifying number of Americans while wreaking havoc on the economy by triggering policies aimed at slowing the transmission rate of the virus. Disclosure of the Others may come as a big surprise, but it’s not likely to do the damage Covid-19 has. While a virus can make people afraid to see an NBA game in person, the same probably can’t be said of UFO Disclosure.

Of course, the other great example from the headlines of the day is the national outrage over the murder of George Floyd that has brought millions to the streets. It seems unlikely that the simple acknowledgement of UAP reality would be met with the same sustained passion of street protest. It would more likely glue people to their TV sets and internet to soak up the latest theories.

And on and on. The point is we don’t know how humanity will respond to learning we’re not alone. And it’s not right that some elite group of people get to make this call for the entire Earth.

The crowd that believes we can’t handle the truth has had their day. The ones who believe that We, the People, have a right to know should get their time to run with this one now.

Long Time Coming | Nancy Tokos
Senator Barry Goldwater (1970s) and Senator Harry Reid (2010s)

Disclosure is in the Eye of the Beholder

Both the governments of the world and the Others who are visiting us seem to have agreed over the years on only one thing — that the entire matter should be kept secret. We know this as fact because both sides had the power to end this secrecy. We could have called a news conference and laid out the truth as we knew it. They could have landed on the White House lawn or the equivalent. Neither side has made a significant move toward a new beginning.

On one level, an argument could be made that our officials may be doing this presence’s bidding considering they have chosen to so reveal themselves in such a limited way that their existence has bypassed the acknowledgement of world institutions. Perhaps governments have fallen into an engineered trap of sorts. In the end, we probably can’t do anything about what they want. We can only be responsible for our own actions.

As the people wake up to this fact of UFO reality, they will have many questions. Who are they? What do they want? Are we safe?

Let’s add two more key questions. What have the world governments learned over all these years? Why have they hidden this truth for so long?

We deserve answers. If some of them are to be classified, so be it, we can sort that out later. What is needed today is a simple clean admission: some of these objects are truly unexplained. We know they are not ours, we know they do not belong to Russia or China or any other earthly power. Therefore, we should simply acknowledge where the evidence trail leads us:

We are not alone.

Disclosure, however, is not one single thing. It may mean simple confirmation without the details. It probably won’t come with hard drives loaded with terabytes of studies, photos, videos, etc. handed out like candy to the media. While no one has a crystal ball here, Disclosure will fall somewhere on the spectrum between those possibilities. And when it does, expect that there will be three pillars for the road ahead:

  • Confirmation
  • Transparency
  • Independence

Disclosure requires global confirmation of unconventional UFO/UAP reality, made public by multiple official sources, both governmental and private, in a way that allows citizens to investigate and engage the phenomenon openly and without ridicule. Eventually, it must include significant and transparent release of documents and evidence, plus independent investigations with the power to subpoena witnesses and grant immunity.

That’s right. To get this done properly, there will need to be some teeth in the whole matter. There’s nothing healthy about a government having history’s greatest scientific discovery to itself without it being shared with the rest of humanity.

What General Buck Turgidson said of nuclear war in Dr. Strangelove applies here, “I ain’t sayin’ we’re not gonna get our hair mussed.”

Even so, the government should not attempt to spin the cover-up as an action done solely in the best interests of the American people. While this was a valid argument during the Cold War when Truman was in office, it has since become stale and obstructionist. It will be glaringly obvious to everyone that an arrogant mistake occurred by keeping everyone in the dark except, possibly, for a breakaway group within the government.

The judicial system will have to assess whether crimes were committed. And while it is likely that more than a few have been, at this point, most were probably done by people who are no longer alive. We have to move on, and deal with the consequences. There may be Truth Commissions like there were in South Africa as apartheid was ended.

Some of the managers of this secret may believe that admitting to past sins makes them appear weak. It won’t. More importantly, the short tempers and quick fuses among our citizens would see right through it as a self-serving explanation that’s as ridiculous as the UFO cover-up itself. The cycle of deception must end for trust and respect of citizens to flourish.

On an issue of this magnitude, truth is a basic human right.

The New World | Duane Loose

Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

Everybody has a theory. That situation exists solely because of what UFO activist Steve Bassett has called the “Truth Embargo” we’ve had to deal with. We have only clues but they are better than the nothing burger we got until 2017.

Let’s go back to former AATIP head Luis Elizondo and his colleagues who routinely took reports of certain behaviors associated with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This knowledge came from studying incursions into highly restricted military airspace and over American sovereign territory. They described them as the five “observables.” They are:

  • Anti-gravity lift
  • Sudden and instantaneous acceleration
  • Hypersonic velocities without signatures (no heat trails)
  • Low observability (cloaking)
  • Trans-medium travel (air and sea)

Again, we’re not making this up. This is the conclusion of a government funded operation, not one in the distant past, but one that has been at work in your lifetime.

Ironically, given those givens, the least likely possibility for what we’re dealing with is that they are us. This would mean that the United States has incredible secret technology that defies the laws of physics as we understand them today. And that we’ve had it since the late 1940s because these observables were being seen repeatedly by our pilots even back then.

Equally unlikely is that Russia or China has leapfrogged us in technology. If that’s true, then we are in a world of trouble from these adversaries, and U.S. representatives and senators should be running through the Capitol with their hair on fire. Look at the reaction Sputnik got in the 1950s. Why would we be less concerned today?

Earthly hardware is simply not a good bet because it lacks context. These declassified Navy videos do not exist in a vacuum as the only evidence of UFO activity. It is an absolute guarantee that neither we nor the Soviet Union had such technology in the 40s, 50s and 60s, when there were thousands of such sightings.

If Not Us, Then Who?

The smart money has always been on the ETH, or Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis. Ask any astronomer or astrophysicist if there’s other intelligent life in the universe, and they’ll likely say it’s a lock because we seem to be discovering a new “Earth-like” planet every other news cycle. Because of the ridicule factor, mostly, they just seem to have a hard time considering the possibility that they are here, on Earth, now. It’s too sci-fi for a self-respecting academic or scientist to admit since they need to get money from the government for their research.

That leaves the rest of us to speculate, and it’s a mixed bag. If alien scientists or tourists from Zeta-Reticuli have come to see Earth for themselves, that’s one thing. But if they are here planning to strip-mine our planet’s resources for themselves, it’s another. And if they’re here, stealing our DNA, well that’s just unnerving.

But what if they’re not extraterrestrials at all, but interdimensionals from one of the multiverses that physicists assure us exist? Or time travelers, basically us, from the future? Or are we all part of a giant simulation created by Artificial Intelligence and they’re no more real than we are? Maybe they’ve been here all along and it somehow suggests that the Earth is their planet and not ours.

Whatever is going on, the mind boggles at this parlor game.

Which brings us to Tom DeLonge, the Blink-182 guitarist whose fascination with aliens led him to co-found the To the Stars Academy, and is responsible, along with the New York Times, for much of this new found interest. Beggars can’t be choosers, and we’re as grateful as anyone that DeLonge’s sheer tenacity allowed him to reach into the highest levels of government where he appears to have influenced important people to help get the ball rolling on Disclosure. That said, his perception of the UFO presence has been primarily negative, casting it in a nefarious light. While he might be right, the fact is we are data deficient on the agenda of UFO intelligence which is why it’s absolutely critical to immediately open this up to the world’s greatest minds.

No one person, government, or institution should have the final say on the agenda of UFO intelligence. Solving this mystery requires a global effort involving everyone. UFO secrecy serves to postpone solving this mystery and with that everyone loses.

In the end, there’s no need to stoke fear about UFO reality any more than the coronavirus. What’s appropriate in both cases is to consider facts, remain as calm as possible, and respond as proactively as knowledge allows. Acting toward each other with a sense of peace and love may be a lot to ask for in our current political climate, but it sure won’t hurt to keep trying.

Belief Has Nothing to Do With It | Stellar


Despite the fact that the American electoral process looks like a hot mess today, attacked by some of our highest elected officials, most of us still like to believe that we live in a democratic country where the will of the people matters.

This is where it gets thorny. Given that the policy of denial and ridicule has worked beyond anyone’s wildest imagination for seven decades, the people have never much demanded to be told the facts about UFOs in a way that makes this an effective political issue. That also may be changing. For example, we have a recent Gallup poll that tells us some pretty sensational information:

  • 16% (52 million Americans) have seen a UFO
  • 33% (108 million Americans) think UFOs are extraterrestrial
  • 68% (222 million Americans) think the government isn’t telling the truth

We’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that these numbers, at the very least, should assure any insiders to get in gear. There is a base out there, not just for MAGA hats and Biden buttons, but for some facts about UFO reality. While the people are making moves to get these facts for themselves, the process could benefit from a jolt of government honesty.

The greatest truth we can probably speak about UFOs is that it appears most of our elected officials are both ignorant and uninterested in the topic. Worse, the unelected officials within the national security apparatus and perhaps even private industry have often seemed downright surly about coming clean.

Some of those inside players may think it’s enough to eventually release redacted government documents that provide some key answers, and let the American people sort the truth on their own. While this would certainly be appreciated, it’s clearly only a half-measure when we need the Full Monty to really get this party started. This is what it will really take:

Active — not just retired — military and intelligence officials must be allowed to talk directly and publicly about UFOs. In particular, we need to hear from them what the best current assessment is on what they are. Or at least on what they are not.

To a very elite and classified group of senators and representatives sitting on Intelligence committees, this has already started to happen. Top officials from the Office of Naval Intelligence, including active duty ONI senior analyst John Stratton, have held at least three classified briefings on UFO incidents with key members of Congress. President Trump confirms that he’s been briefed as well. We assume that they have gotten to see the good stuff when it comes to high-resolution videos.

The way into the grander discussion clearly is going to be the connection between UFOs and national security. Still, that continues the problem where elites get to know the best facts while the rest of us are on the outside looking in. Is there a fast lane for us to accelerate into? Maybe.

Someone has to say the words, plain and simple. “We have evidence that we are being engaged by what appears to be a non-human intelligence.”

Whether that’s this president or the next one, the Pope, the head of the United Nations, NATO, the EU or a leader from China, Russia, Britain, France, Brazil or whomever, someone has to get it started. It might even come from a whistleblower with an attack of conscience who’s tough enough to face the consequences. It might happen because it was planned all along, or it might happen because there’s been a clean, clear, irrefutable sighting, seen by thousands with photos, videos, radars, and the cat will already be out of the bag.

But once that happens, the entire race to know the truth is going to pick up speed instantly. “Oh, yeah, that UFO thing? That’s real. Next question…” is not going to cut it.

From a crisis management view, it would be better if the United States, the country that has been a leader in continuing this secret, went first. Even if someone else beats us to the podium, we will still need to be a part of telling this story.

The Task Force as a Model for Disclosure

While they were controversial, confusing, poorly managed and marred by the Commander-in-Chief’s obvious need for being the center of attention, the Coronavirus Task Force briefings can still be seen as a potential example of a dress rehearsal for what needs to happen next. UFO Disclosure will also likely feature a leadership vacuum, lack of preparation, turf wars, Wall Street convulsion, news paranoia and partisan finger-pointing. Yet none of that is a reason not to get started.

After the initial reveal, the key will be to do regular briefings that initially use active duty government and military personnel. Then others should be rolled in who can add context. Find an insider, working today, who can be our expert, someone that people can trust to tell them the truth. No Neil DeGrasse Tysons or Bill Nyes, thank you, but hard core, credible people who have the classification and have seen the data.

Start making amends for these past sins by starting the conversation. Allow the media to do their First Amendment journalism to begin to share this information with the American people and the rest of the world. We understand that not everything gets out at once, but not everything needs to be a secret either.

We may even be pleasantly surprised at just how forgiving and even supportive citizens can be when the people who are supposed to represent them actually start talking on the level and bringing them in on the issue.

The bottom line here is that all we have to do is get the ball rolling. The media, other governments, and the American people themselves in all their diversity and knowledge, can take it from there.

A.D. After Disclosure | Bryce Zabel & Richard Dolan

Crisis and Opportunity

The civil unrest unleashed after the George Floyd murder saw people taking to the streets demanding change. As Americans protested it became clear that many citizens simply lack trust in government to address their needs.

This hard assessment comes on the heels of a deep divide on even the supposedly simpler issue of public health during a pandemic. Americans, it seems, just don’t get along anymore. Partisan finger-pointing is the order of the day.

But both of these recent challenges also saw humans rise to their best selves. Think about the selfless health care workers treating dying patients. And remember that even with racial animosity raging, many protests saw blacks and whites coming together, and even some police taking a knee in solidarity.

Neither the coronavirus response nor the Floyd aftermath has been perfect by any means. But we are going to get through them and, in all likelihood, progress is going to be made.

Similarly, no matter how messy, we can start to tell ourselves the truth about UFOs and get through that, too.

Disclosure that we have company in the universe, that there is other intelligent life currently interacting with us here on Earth is the biggest news ever. Period.

When we realize this new fact, it has the power to instantly get humans working together on the same side. We’re not saying that will happen, only that it could, depending on the details. Humans are tribal folk, we love team sports. The problem today is we all see ourselves playing on different teams. Disclosure has the possibility of putting us all on the same side.

Cynics may say, “fat chance.” But really, we are already in a state of chaos that combines elements of the Great Depression, the global pandemic of 1918 and the violent social instability of the 1960s. The status quo has never looked shakier. We’re not so glib as to try the “what have you got to lose?” line, but there is a power in boldness. And if ever there was a time for it, and a subject that lent itself to acting without fear, it would be this one.

Ending the truth vacuum right now could be both a symbolic bombshell as well as a tangible expression that the government wants to kindle more trust from its citizens. It could usher in a new era that is not only cosmic in nature on the one hand, but down to Earth and relevant to relations between human beings on the other.

Between black and white. Red and blue. The U.S. and other nations. Us and them.

No, we will not all join hands, sing kumbaya, or pass the pipes of peace. That may never happen.

Yet don’t underestimate the excitement, wonder and fascination that Disclosure would provide for humanity. Knowing about our place in the universe can even be viewed as a divine birthright given to all people just for being born in this world.

It’s possible that civilization needs Disclosure. It may literally be the inflection point to allow us all to take a step back and reevaluate what we’re doing. What if it’s the pattern interrupt that can help us the very most?

The argument could be made (and probably has been behind closed doors) that it’s too dangerous to admit that lives and treasure have been used to keep the public in the dark about an essential truth of life.

Maybe it’s time to see it from the opposite point-of-view. The sheer danger of continuing a policy that dramatically feeds into the growing contempt people have for their own government should be obvious. If national security was the reason the secrecy was invoked in the first place, we may have evolved to a new place where it’s actually a national security imperative that this policy ends as quickly as possible.

The people themselves have access to greater and more accurate technology than the highest levels of government did in the post-World War II world. Read the news. We are on the verge of revealing this to ourselves. We have all the tools and we are using them every day.

Will it be better for the government if we force them to come clean, kicking and screaming? Or will it be better for the government to lead on the issue? To explain the reasons the cover-up became so deep and sustained, and to share the results of their efforts?

The people would like to check their work. Why not? We paid for it. The product belongs to us.

Crisis and opportunity presents to us. Yes, there is chaos in the streets, in our homes and in our government. Human life is not perfect. We will always be striving to be better to ourselves and our planet.

Disclosure might very well cause us to question everything and, consequently, lead to improving our world and securing our future.

The very reasons 2020 was one of the worst years in history may also create the conditions for actual Disclosure. Now, in 2021, we’re in an environment where shock value isn’t possible anymore. The world’s upside down.

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Tick, Tick, Tick…

The managers of this great global secret must know that they have run out the clock. They kept this secret longer than any of the original architects of the cover-up could ever have dreamed possible. But…

… the ticking they hear is the end of their time with this new reality, and the beginning of ours.

During the first days of the Covid-19 crisis, we were routinely assured that “we’re all in this together.” That’s never been more true than now. Three words:

People. Get. Ready.



Bryce Zabel
Need to Know

Writer/producer in features & TV. Creator, five primetime series. Ex: TV Academy CEO; CNN reporter; USC professor. Author of books about the Beatles, JFK, UFOs.