Heads-up The Delightful Fantasies That Nurture Business Starting Thoughts

Holding the fort of your own destiny is all that you’ve been thinking.

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Staring emptily at the gray cubicle walls often engulfs one into the divine fantasies of nurturing different thoughts. These thoughts can almost be about anything but, specifically, they are most probably the ones that have a connection, either directly or indirectly, with a person’s emotional state.

For instance, if you’re having money-related issues or someone who holds onto the desire of becoming a successful businessman, you surely hold a certain type of emotion for money(like more many can make you happy and vice versa). And so, it would be normal for your mind to enter the fantasies of divine castles and harbor the thoughts of starting your own business whilst staring emptily on the gray cubicle walls.

It’s quite natural! It has happened with me, and it continues to happen, just as it does with many others out there.

With all thoughts of starting a new business harboring in your mind, your prompt to them might be something like:

“… that sounds easy, I can do it” you presume, “it won’t be that hard.”

That’s exactly when, in the back of your mind, the approval has already been granted to the harbored thoughts, better still, you go on asking yourself a few other questions thinking that to remain on the safe side.

And even when you ask yourself the additional questions, you skimp on to the most important ones just out of your newly created burning passion of starting a business arising from harbored thoughts.

It’s the exact phase that caters to the need for the heads-up situation for nurturing business starting thoughts. Because most of the time it is the desire of taking charge of your own journey that emboldens you to take the decisive step of starting a new business.

And in doing so, what we forget naturally is that things might go well for a while, but later it’s just a matter of time that we realize that a whole lot of things can probably go wrong as well. The time factor, therefore, introduces a dilemma of concern with constant ‘if’s and but’s’ accompanied by questions like:

“if I had known this (or considered it) beforehand, I would have saved a lot…” or something like, “… but if it were evident in the beginning, I’d not have hastened the process of giving away the notice at my job,” and so on.

Consequently, all the delightful fantasies that lead you to nurture a new business starting thoughts to take on the events that plan out your destiny, eventually return a heartbreak.

And trust me that even when people are aware of this heartbreak thing, some are naive enough to take the leap and try out things thinking that they’ll somehow find a way on their journey, presuming that en-routing the journey is all it takes.

Let me tell you, my dear passionate entrepreneurs:

the biggest heartbreak isn’t letting go of and leaving behind your burning passion for a splendid world-changing business idea in case you failed. The actual, real heartbreak comes when you stand hopelessly, watching your startup tumbling down the lane and falling apart because of the shaky foundations you laid its structure on.

If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins — Benjamin Franklin.

The thing is that the burning passion you get as a by-product of the catalytic delightful fantasies isn’t always enough to help you start a successful business. You also need an aggressive ambition aside from your burning passion to help you not back up from your path when faced with setbacks.

Before you set yourself on the journey of materializing your thoughts, you’ve got to have a good answer to the question: what exactly is driving your desire of materializing your business starting thoughts?

While that driving force can be anything like:

  • the desire of creating an impact in the world
  • the desire of earning a wealthy living
  • the desire of materializing your thoughts into some tangible business
  • the desire of spending more time with your family
  • the desire of feeling fully alive

… or something similar.

All such types of desires are not something related to fantasy, rather these are the true ambitious desires that are required alongside your burning passion in setting up your newly harbored business idea. Those desires are something that many entrepreneurs possess and thanks to them, most entrepreneurs have been able to build their successful businesses on secure foundations by accomplishing the duo of such ambitious desires and a burning passion on regular basis whilst in the pursuit of their business startup journey.

Better still, there are entrepreneurs who still fail in their ambitions. And so you might wonder, what makes them different from those who’ve been successful?

The answer lies in their strong sense of caring for their aspirations, goals, and ambitions; to an extent that they never hesitated to go on the extra mile to make them successful. And by care here, I’m referring to them being considerate of all matters that directly or indirectly impacted the outcome of their efforts on their aspired goals. The instances that can be referred to as caring can include things like:

  • being considerate about committing bundles of resources prior to testing ideas
  • being considerate of thorough researching while keeping in view all the aspects of the topic under discussion
  • being considerate to discuss terms with people who are in it for rebuffing alone, challenging your ideas and thoughts
  • being considerate of getting professional help for the betterment of your own skills and your thing — the business.

… and the list goes on as long as it could be.

This is to say that during the startup phase of your business and through your entire journey of it, you need to pause and work on considerate things as above to earn optimism about your business. It’s exactly as John Bradberry, a seasoned mentor has stated:

You’ve got to pause early on during your business startup phase and perform an objective analysis of what is being brought to the table including your purpose, goals, resources, skills, and needs. This is a must to help you develop a valuable optimism that rests on the rock of honest and clear assessments plus a will full preparation for your business.

So long as you give first priority importance to your hard-set goals and raise your awareness level both about doing business and about the niche topic your business is built around, you’ll ultimately find your burning passion heated up even more in about every aspect of your business. Consequently, the probability of time causing the ratcheting down of your passion will nullify.


To sum up, harboring the thoughts of starting a business is the easiest, rather I’d say, a magical process which can happen out of the blue for most. But, thoughts merely can never be enough to materialize a business concept into a flourishing and thriving one. And if one fails to understand this and becomes emboldened by the courage of designing their destiny themselves, they’ll most probably never hesitate to take the plunge and dive in head-first without taking into account the necessary requirements. That’s when the burning passion, which was a by-product of their harbored thoughts about business, takes the better of them; leaving them in the abyss of dismay and disappointment.

Understanding this, you can better adjust the probability of your business being a raging success.

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