On Travel

In search of the unexpected

Searchlight: Missoula

I invite you to visit my hometown.

There are some places in Montana that combine outdoor recreation with a culture and vibe that are all their…

Finding Love and Romance on the Road

“Is it hard to have a relationship when you are traveling all the time?”

Yes, yes it is. It’s very hard.

One of the major downsides to long-term travel is the perpetual singleness that goes along with it. When you are always on the move, you are never in one place long enough to build a lasting relationship with…

Seven Steps to Becoming a Spontaneous Explorer of the World


Greetings future explorer of the world! In this post we will be

7 Ways In Which Travel Is About Mindset (Not Money)

Want wander the world? Your attitude is the ticket.

Feeding the Future of Phnom Penh

These children, our future.

Around us, the devout set sparrows free.

list·less (a satire, sort of)

A plague has infected the corpus eligo known as travel writing.

Once a genre prided on sharing pathos found wandering unpaved ways, built…

Adventure & Optimism

En Route to 6 Months in Santiago, Chile

26 September 2013. Delta 147: ATL-SCL.

The Scooter Diaries

An adventure romance through Latin America

In 1959, Ron Bowman quit his job as a newspaper reporter, sold his car and bought a 150cc Lambretta…

Somewhere I belong.

I just chase my dreams.

I’m just a small one, very small when compared to this planet but I have a dream to travel around the world.

Lost in Bangkok International

Saved by a stranger 

Dripping sweat and backpack heavy upon my shoulders, I paced manically looking for any directions in English that would calm my eager nerves. My excitement of stepping off of the plane in Thailand slowly escalated into weak exhaustion as I moved — lost — about the airport.

Remember to Get Lost

It’s Good for You!

Last month, I traveled to San Francisco for some meetings starting on a Monday morning, which meant I needed to fly in a day…

On Travel
On Travel

In search of the unexpected

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