Suit Up, We’re Going In: Questions You May Have About That New Suit

So you got your job offer, and you’re feeling pretty good about it. The only problem: Along with the offer letter, they send you a copy of their HR policies, including the dress code. And you have to wear a suit now.

Let’s get into it.

Where can I buy a suit?

Anywhere you can find one that fits you well. Usually they’ll need some adjusting, so don’t buy one from a place that doesn’t offer at least a slight amount of tailoring. Be sure the suit you buy suits you — get it?

Bad puns aside, Men’s Wearhouse is actually a decent place to find a starter suit if you can’t find or can’t afford a higher-end shop. (But the higher-end shops are fun.)

How do I tie a tie?

Hoo boy. We could devote an entire blog post to this. Suffice it to say that it’s not as hard as it looks, and there are a lot of extremely helpful online tutorials. Do a little Googling, or check out these ones we found:

If you’re desperate, you can always go for the clip-on or zip-up tie. But you’re classier than that, right?

Where does the tie clip go?

Tie clips are optional, but they look nice and keep your tie in place. They go between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

Do I wear a belt?

Yes. Yes you do.

What color should my socks be?

With black shoes, you wear black socks. Always.

In fact you usually can’t go wrong with black socks. The exception is when you’re wearing brown shoes and brown or khaki pants — wear brown or tan socks in that situation. And if you’re wearing shoes that aren’t black or brown, you’re either very adventurous and fashionable (and you don’t really need this blog post), or you’re doing something wrong.

What kind of tie goes well with a plaid shirt?


How do I tie a bow tie?

You have to wear a bow tie to work? I don’t believe you.

TL;DR: Buy a suit that fits you well; turn to Google for help tying the tie; you don’t need a tie clip; you do need formal shoes. Don’t overthink it.

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