I have to make an embarrassing confession…

Many years ago (around 2002) I built a website in PHP. It was for a — now defunct — theatre company and included some basic functionality like a calendar and some lightweight content management features in a custom admin module I built. It was a small side project that I took on, in part, to learn PHP.

I came away from that experience thinking PHP was a steaming pile of garbage and I would tell anyone that would listen to me how terrible I thought PHP was. Here’s the embarrassing part; despite trashing PHP up and down, some of the websites and tools I use the most are PHP-based. This includes Wikipedia and Facebook. It also includes Wordpress, which is my number 1 recommendation when people ask me how they can create a website quickly with zero skills and almost no budget.

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Now I’ve come to find out that Slack — another tool I use every day — is built with PHP. A slack engineer by the name of Keith Adams published a story on Medium that I think is worth a serious look. Link below…

On a less embarrassing and more humbling note. I was honoured recently to be included in a list of Free Code Camp co-founder, Quincy Larson’s favourite stories of the year. I can’t say enough good about Quincy and his team and all the amazing things they are doing for burgeoning developers and for non-profits. Not to mention the stellar quality of their Medium publication.

I always look forward to reading their latest posts. Here are some of my recent favourites…

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