Top 5 Developer Links of 2016

I’ve shared some pretty awesome links and resources through the Dev Mastery newsletter this year. Here are my top 5 favourites.

#5 — My Dog Taught Me to Code by Dave Thomas

Here is a video where the inimitable “Pragmatic Dave” Thomas shouts at you for almost an hour with really amazing advice that will help you improve your code. If you’re impatient, just skip to 4:52

My Dog Taught Me to Code by Dave Thomas

#4 — Turning the Database Inside Out

Martin Klepmann makes the following provocative statement and provides a fascinating alternative model for Databases whose time I think has come.

“Databases are global, shared, mutable state. That’s the way it has been since the 1960s, and no amount of NoSQL has changed that. However, most self-respecting developers have got rid of mutable global variables in their code long ago. So why do we tolerate databases as they are?” — Martin Klepmann
Turning the Database Inside Out by Martin Klepmann

If you’d rather read than watch, click here for the transcript.

#3 — Algorithm Visualizer by Jason Park

This amazing little web app let’s you play with some of the most common programming algorithms in JavaScript. Very cool.

Algorithm Visualizer by Jason Park

#2 — Mastering Programming by Kent Beck

Kent Beck shares all the “ways effective programmers get the most out of their precious 3e9 seconds on the planet.”

“The journeyman learns to solve bigger problems by solving more problems at once. The master learns to solve even bigger problems than that by solving fewer problems at once.” — Kent Beck

#1 — The Future of Programming by Bob Martin

In this highly engaging and massively important talk, programming legend “Uncle Bob” Martin lays out the history of our profession and talks about what’s next. This is the talk that inspired me to share my story about the code I’m still ashamed of. It’s definitely worth your time.

The Future of Programming by Bob Martin

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