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Misha Euceph wants to create audio stories that will take your breath away. The founder of Dustlight Productions (which just yesterday launched The Michelle Obama Podcast From Higher Ground and Spotify) is on a mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible in podcasting while running a production company built on integrity. Read our full interview with Misha Euceph here.

ICYMI, in the latest chapter in podcast consolidation, The New York Times purchased Serial Productions. Their debut project launching today is titled Nice White Parents, a five part series about public schools hosted by veteran TAL producer Chana Joffe-Walt.

The Signal to Noise Award applications are open and awaiting your ideas. Apply for a chance to bring your audio documentary project to life. Winner receives $5,000 production grant and consultation services.

This summer’s series from The Heart, ‘Swelter’ is dedicated to stories that make you sweat.

Remote recordings tripping your workflow? Our friends at Western Sound launched Talk Sync, a new tool to make high quality recordings for low tech people. Sign up now during their public beta for 90 days of free recordings.

New to Netflix: Radiolab host Latif Nasser hosts a show launching this Sunday spun around the idea of connectivity.

Misha Euceph has this to say about the first episode of the Michelle Obama Podcast featuring Barack and Michelle: “You get to see them both as the powerful, important and intelligent figures they are and as two people who are in love many years into their marriage. Relationship goals for sure.”

We’re looking forward to John Waters in conversation with Jim Jarmuschas part of Murmrr Theater’s live stream lit series.

New from The Believer: Constellation Prize. An existential podcast by Bianca Giaever touching on ideas, art, God, and loneliness.

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is now an audio drama available via Audible. The 20 episode first installment is epically sound designed and voice acted.

What’s on your radar? We’d love to hear where you’re finding inspiration. Send us an email at hello@onairfest.com, and we’ll share out some of our favorites in the next Off Mic.

Our Conversation with Misha Euceph

A day after the launch of the Michelle Obama Podcast, we caught up with Misha to talk about her latest projects, and how she’s building an audio production company rooted in awe and integrity. Here’s an excerpt. Read the interview in full here.

On Air Fest:
At Dustlight, you’re publishing the racial and gender breakdown of your production crews as well as pay data on your website which feels really radical and necessary. Did you know you wanted to create transparency from jump?

Misha Euceph:
I wanted to create the kind of workplace I would feel thrilled to be a part of, and that meant a workplace that was honest and unafraid of holding itself accountable.

The truth is we’re not going to get it right forever and consistently. We are, like our country, striving for something more perfect — a group of people and an organization that has the ability to recognize when it is doing things wrong in the moment and to have those conversations privately and publicly so that we can grow, and do better.



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