BRICK POP: Rank System& NFT

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3 min readMar 26, 2024


Greetings ONBUFFers!
We’re thrilled to announce that the official launch day for BRICK POP is just around the corner!

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to BRICK POP’s rank system and details about BRICK POP’s NFT! In BRICK POP, your gameplay results are displayed in real-time on the ranking, creating a competitive atmosphere. The daily rankings determine the distribution of IACT tokens. Additionally, after each game, players have the opportunity to earn NFTs, reflecting their performance on the ranking. The higher your score, the better NFTs you can earn. So, aim high, play well, and enjoy the rewards in BRICK POP!

Rank System

The player’s gameplay results are displayed in real-time on the ranking, fostering a competitive atmosphere. BRICK POP’s ranking system refreshes daily at 9:00 a.m. (UTC +9), ensuring fairness and excitement for all. These daily rankings determine the distribution of IACT tokens to players.
More details on IACT tokens will be provided soon.

Behind the scenes, BRICK POP’s ranking system operates on a leaderboard contract structure. Every move and stage conquered is recorded. After the game, players can earn NFTs, contributing to their ranking. This setup motivates players to aim higher and adds joy to gameplay.


In BRICK POP, players can earn NFTs based on their highest cleared stage, with higher scores unlocking better NFTs. These NFTs are represented by a blue bar progressing towards completing a circle, as it increases with higher scores. By aiming high and excelling in the game, players can secure their place among the elite and enjoy exclusive NFT rewards. Additionally, owning BRICK POP NFTs brings daily rewards corresponding to the player’s level. Get ready to collect NFTs and benefit from BRICK POP!

In conclusion, BRICK POP offers players an engaging gaming experience with real-time rankings, daily refreshes, and rewards in the form of IACT tokens and NFTs. The game’s ranking system ensures fairness and competitiveness, while the opportunity to earn NFTs adds an extra layer of excitement. With higher scores leading to better rewards, players are encouraged to aim high and enjoy the benefits of their achievements in BRICK POP.