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Hello, we’re ONBUFF. ONBUFF supports various decentralized exchange transactions.You can now trade ONBUFF on SushiSwap and 1-inch Network.

What is “Sushi Swap”?

Sushi Swap is an Ethereum-based automated market-making decentralized exchange. Sushi Swap was created by introducing SUSHI, the own token of the UNISWAP model using the existing automated marketer, and you can participate in protocol governance through tokens. Sushiswap is also used as a fee paid to the holder.

SushiSwap pool address:


What is “1inch”?

It is a decentralized exchange aggregator service that allows you to trade Ethereum-based tokens, which collects the liquidity of the decentralized exchange and allows you to trade at the optimal price. To prevent slipage (the difference between the expected transaction price and the actual transaction price), orders can be distributed to decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Kyber Network to trade.

1inch Network pool address :

ONBUFF will hold DEX DAY events to support various global market transactions.
Starting with DEX DAY, we are providing transaction support to more diverse global decentralized exchanges.Following UNISWAP, we plan to add additional decentralized exchange transaction support and visit you with a new DEX event from next week. We will share the details of the event on Monday, November 29.

ONBUFF will start to revitalize the DEX exchange and will try to provide a more pleasant trading environment.
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