ONBUFF 2024 Roadmap: Key Steps for Authentic Web 3

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5 min readFeb 8, 2024


Happy Lunar New Year, BUFFers!

Greetings to our vibrant community of BUFFers! The moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating is finally here—unveiling our long-awaited 2024 roadmap.

This roadmap clearly explains what we aim to achieve and how we plan to do it. It provides a snapshot of where the project currently stands and where it’s headed, and it outlines the specific steps we’ll take to move it forward.

[Vision and Goals]

ONBUFF aims to deliver a genuine Web3 experience, focusing on a decentralized economy, utility, and community.

Decentralized Economy:

Encouraging direct economic activity without intermediaries, reducing centralization risks. Achieved through unique tokenomics and a partnership with Mysten Labs for the Sui network.


Integrating blockchain into various sectors, such as gaming, with collaborations like Gravity for Ragnarok Labyrinth NFTs and The Cove for Little Legion NFTs. Aiming to provide users with practical economic value through digital assets.


Building a fair and transparent ecosystem, engaging over 560,000 users on the INNO platform, and maintaining continuous communication through social media.

[2023 Roadmap Status Update]

Firstly, we’ve accomplished so many things in 2023. The ONBUFF team worked diligently to keep our promises to our BUFFers! A year later, here’s a progress report on where we’re at. (For more details, check out our 2023 milestones published a few days ago.)

2023 Milestone:




  • Addition of NFT Merge Functionality
    : The NFT Merge feature is ready and will be activated when needed.
  • OnMeowZ emoji is available at LINE
  • ONBUFF social media Airdrop campaign closure


  • Update ONBUFF Roadmap & Whitepaper V2
  • Official announcement of INNO PICK
  • INNO Platform Renovation


  • Launch of the INNO PICK <Samurai Shodown R>
    : ONBUFF is putting in extra effort to ensure a smooth transition to Web3 for <Samurai Shodown R>. The coordination with various teams is taking more time than anticipated.
  • Development of INNO Casual game


  • Launch of INNO Casual game
    : A new on-chain casual game is heading to the NNO platform!
  • The official announcement of the <Poring Merge
    : Coming soon! Stay tuned for more updates.

[Future Plans]

As we enter the new year, the promise of thrilling adventures and game launches is at the forefront of our journey.

  • Decentralized Economy: Sui Migration, DeFi, and Membership
  • Utility: <Poring Merge NFT> Launching, <Samurai Shodown R> Launching, INNO Casual Launching
  • Community: Rebranding, Quest Event, Discord Open, OnMeowZ Community



  • INNO Casual Launching
    : We plan to launch an on-chain game based on the Sui mainnet. By leveraging the Sui mainnet, users can enjoy a smoother gaming experience with lower gas fees and shorter loading times. While up until now, only swapping and NFT trading have been possible, the release of INNO Casual will add more diverse content to the platform, providing users with an even more enjoyable experience.
  • Discord Open
    : We plan to open a new official Discord community to facilitate smooth communication with the many global fans showing interest due to the release of various games. Everyone is welcome to join and experience seamless information exchange and communication!
  • Quest Event S1
    : To enhance the enjoyment and experience even further, we will be opening a Quest page on the INNO platform. Within various gift boxes lie incredible opportunities for luck. Enjoy the thrill of acquiring the best gifts!


  • Next Labyrinth Game Launching
    : We express our heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming love towards Ragnarok Labyrinth NFTs. The strengthened partnership through Ragnarok has provided significant inspiration for developing a new blockchain game utilizing Gravity’s Poring IP. We eagerly anticipate the game's upcoming release and look forward to your continued love and interest.
  • ONBUFF Rebranding
    : We are planning to rebrand to communicate the ONBUFF project to all users and holders. Please look forward to seeing ONBUFF positively spreading throughout the Web 3.0 community!
  • Quest Event S2
    : Following Season 1 events, an exciting Season 2 event is set to begin. Join us for more fun!


  • Sui Migration
    : We plan to proceed with the migration of ONIT from the Ethereum network to the Sui network, intending to operate the mainnet by 2025. These changes are intended to provide users with lower gas fees, faster transaction speeds, and expanded DEX functionality.
  • Samurai Shodown Launching
    : The highly anticipated collaboration is here! Samurai Shodown, the game from the joint efforts of three companies, is now launching. Dive into the action and enjoy the experience!
  • OnMeowZ Rebranding & Migration
    : Through the rebranding of OnMeowZ, we aim for a more accurate reflection of its essence. This change will resonate with many, fostering an even deeper appreciation for what OnMeowZ represents. The migration of OnMeowZ to Sui brings forth a host of additional benefits and activities. Get ready for an enhanced experience.


  • ONBUFF DeFi Ecosystem
    : Following the partnership with Sui and the upcoming migration, ONBUFF is set to undergo a significant transformation into a decentralized finance (DeFi) system. This move towards greater decentralization opens up exciting opportunities for users to earn interest simply by holding a designated amount of related tokens.
  • Renewal Membership
    : Holders of OnMeowZ NFTs will enjoy unique privileges, including Discord roles, special benefits during event openings, and exclusive access to events reserved solely for OnMeowZ NFT holders.
  • OnMeowZ Merge System
    : Elevate the awesomeness of your OnMeowZ by merging it with care. Treat your OnMeowZ as you do your inner self—with utmost attention and nurture.
  • Quest Event S3
    : Once ONBUFF’s DeFi system is in place, get ready to participate in an exciting quest event. Let’s all come together and join the journey towards decentralization!


Your role is crucial in shaping the future of OnBuffs, and through this roadmap, we aim to transparently communicate our shared goals. This marks a significant stride toward sustainability and realizing an authentic Web3 experience together.