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6 min readMar 15, 2024



Greetings, dear ONBUFFers!
We bring you an exhilarating update! ONBUFF is in the midst of a dynamic expansion, and with this growth comes a pivotal decision: to shift our official community platform from Telegram to Discord. Users will discover four key categories within this newly established Discord community: the ONBUFF Project, ONBUFFers, Games, and ONBUFF Support. For those eager for further details, we invite ONBUFFers to dive in and explore all that awaits. Your adventure begins here!
Official Discord

Categories in Community

In the Official Discord community, you’ll find four primary categories: the ONBUFF PROJECT, ONBUFFERS, GAMES, and ONBUFF SUPPORT. Initially, the abundance of categories might seem overwhelming, possibly causing some hesitation to chime in. However, there’s a distinct advantage to this setup. If a particular category piques your interest, you have the luxury of diving in, immersing yourself and engaging in discussions without any distracting clutter. This focused approach ensures that your interactions remain streamlined and to the point.


In the ONBUFF PROJECT category, you’ll find several subcategories such as verify, ONBUFFers, rules, announcement, official link, tip & guide, and Zealy quests. These subcategories are useful for learning about the rules and important details of ONBUFF. They’re like different sections where you can find all the information you need to get to know ONBUFF better.


When you join ONBUFF’s Discord, you need to verify that you’re not a robot first. It’s a simple step to ensure that everyone interacting in the community is a real person.


Let’s give a warm welcome to the new ONBUFFers who’ve just joined our Discord! Give them a friendly wave to show we’re glad to have them here!


As ONBUFFers, we stick to a few important rules.

  1. Respect others: Treat ONBUFFers with respect and kindness.
  2. No Harassment: We have zero tolerance for harassment, profanity, NSFW content, or abusive behavior.
  3. No spam: ONBUFFers don’t post irrelevant messages or advertisements.
  4. No Impersonation: ONBUFFers don’t impersonate staff, users, or bots.
  5. You can create a ticket for help: ONBUFFers can create a ticket for assistance! Our staff handles many tickets for now, so please bear with us.

Let’s have fun on Discord while following these rules. And remember, we’ll never DM you first, so watch out for scammers!


Every announcement about ONBUFF will be shared here, so stay tuned for the latest updates and news! We’ll keep you informed about everything happening with ONBUFF.

🔗Official link

You can find all the official links related to ONBUFF right here. If you want to learn more about ONBUFF, just check out the links provided. We’ve got everything you need to know about ONBUFF right at your fingertips.


Before you create a ticket and wait for a response, try checking out our tips and guides first. We’ve gathered all the frequently asked questions and provided answers to help you solve common problems on your own. Take a look through these simple tips and guides; you might find the solution you need without having to wait for assistance.

🎉Zealy quest

Once you’ve got a good grasp of ONBUFF, get ready for the Zealy Quests quiz! We’ll let you know when it’s happening, so keep an eye out. It’s important to learn about ONBUFF quickly because others might also be competing for the prize. Knowing ONBUFF inside and out is your ticket to success in the quiz!


The ONBUFFERS category allows ONBUFFers to engage in free and open conversations. ONBUFFERS has three subcategories: chat-general, contents, and NFT-trade-talk.


Designed to accommodate ONBUFF’s global user base, ONBUFFers can communicate in their native languages about various aspects of ONBUFF. The platform supports conversations in ten languages: Korean, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, Spanish, and Russian.


Allow ONBUFFers to showcase their creativity by generating content such as blogs, videos, Twitter threads, images, memes, and more, all centered around ONBUFF. Sharing content URLs fosters a collaborative experience where ONBUFFers can enjoy each other’s contributions.


Find buyers and sellers for your NFTs on Discord! However, be cautious of scammers and cheaters in this space. Always verify the person you’re dealing with before making any transactions. Stay vigilant and protect your assets from potential risks. Happy trading!


There will be an exciting event coming. Stay tuned!


The GAMES category is a dedicated space for discussions surrounding the games featured on ONBUFF’s INNO Platform. Highlighting titles such as Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT, Little Legions NFT, INNO game, Poring Merge, and Samurai Shodown R each game has its own designated subcategory. Within these game-specific sections, users can engage in conversations, share insights, and exchange information about the respective games. It’s a hub designed to foster a community of gamers passionate about the diverse gaming experiences offered by ONBUFF’s INNO Platform.


Within the ONBUFF SUPPORT category, users can find three essential subcategories: support ticket, suggestion, and bug report. This structured support system ensures a streamlined process for users to seek assistance, contribute suggestions, and report any system irregularities they encounter.

📬Support ticket

Users have the opportunity to create tickets and leave messages for ONBUFF, addressing any inquiries or issues they may encounter. This feature allows individuals to communicate their concerns or seek assistance efficiently, ensuring that their needs are met promptly and effectively.

When sending us a ticket, remember to:

  1. Explain the issue clearly.
  2. Include screenshots if possible.
  3. Provide the date or timeline.
  4. Be patient, and we’ll respond to you soon.


The ONBUFF team is dedicated to hearing suggestions from ONBUFFers regarding the game platform, games, collaboration opportunities, and communities. We welcome your ideas and input and encourage you to share them respectfully. Please understand that we may be working with limited resources, so we appreciate your patience as we strive to address and implement your suggestions effectively. Your contributions are invaluable in shaping the ONBUFF experience, and we look forward to collaborating with you to make it even better.

When sending us an idea, remember to:

  1. Name your idea clearly, and select tags that match.
  2. Attach screenshots or images to make your suggestions clear, and it will be helpful to communicate.
  3. You can also add your comments on other ONBUFFers’ ideas and suggestions!

⚠Bug report

Users are encouraged to report any bugs within the ONBUFF system. To facilitate a thorough understanding, it is advised to provide a comprehensive explanation along with helpful materials such as screenshots and images. Additionally, including dates and timelines can prove beneficial in aiding ONBUFF’s team to address and resolve reported issues more effectively.

When sending us an idea, remember to:

  1. Report the bug with a full explanation to get a better understanding.
  2. Screenshots/images are helpful.
  3. Date/Timeline are useful to understand better.
  4. Please stay patient, and we will get back to you!


In ONBUFF’s Discord, various categories such as ONBUFF PROJECT, ONBUFFERS, GAMES, and ONBUFF SUPPORT are provided, each offering specialized spaces for discussions, assistance, gaming, and more. These categories serve distinct purposes, fostering organized interactions and ensuring clarity for users. Words in Discord, bonds in accord, encapsulate the essence of the community’s unity and collaboration as ONBUFFers come together to engage in meaningful conversations and activities within their designated areas of interest.