ONBUFF x SUI Partnership Announcement

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Greetings, ONBUFF community!
We are excited to announce the most thrilling global partnership with one of the most promising layers, SUI network.

Through this partnership, ONBUFF is pleased to announce that the web 3.0 development of SAMURAI SHODOWN: THE LEGEND OF THE LIGHT MOON, the IP of SNK, which was previously announced, will be developed on the SUI blockchain.

Onbuff has signed a strategic partnership with Mysten Labs, a Web3 infrastructure company and early developer of Sui Layer 1 blockchain.
Thanks for your love and support for both projects and please stay tuned for further information about our collaboration.

About Sui network

Sui, a next-generation smart contract platform with high throughput, low latency, and an asset-oriented programming model powered by the Move programming language.

Sui is a blockchain platform that is focused on managing digital assets efficiently and securely. It is unique in its use of a Byzantine consistent broadcast protocol for consensus, which enables lower latency and better scalability. The Move programming language makes it easy for developers to create smart contracts and define complex assets. Sui also offers trust-minimized bridges to other blockchains, providing interoperability. Overall, Sui is a next-generation blockchain platform that is accessible to developers and provides unmatched scalability and security for asset management.

Sui offers the following benefits and capabilities:
- Unmatched scalability, instant settlement
- A safe smart contract language accessible to mainstream developers
- Ability to define rich and composable on-chain assets
- Better user experience for web3 apps

Sui is the only blockchain today that can scale with the growth of web3 while achieving industry-leading performance, cost, programmability, and usability, and let developers spend less time writing smart contracts, and more time building fun games. Digital asset reimagination can create rich gaming economies with decentralized marketplaces and composable, on-chain items.




IP Business Platform and IP Value-up Chain https://onbuff.com

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