Behind the Scenes of our Mother’s Day Video

What do you want to say to your mom? By Taryn Hardes.

When we shot our Mother’s Day video, we gathered dozens of people from various walks of life to tell us about their mothers. The result? A powerful and compelling video, filled with love and emotion. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit all of the amazing stories into a 3-minute video, so we created a few extras. Enjoy, and tell us: #whatwillyousay?


When journalist Frances Bula agreed to appear in our #whatwillyousay Mother’s Day video, we didn’t expect such a powerful message about the impacts of Alzheimer’s disease. We just had to share this clip, where Frances discusses how her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s strengthened their relationship, and what she misses most.

Tessa and Theresa

Every story starts with mom, but not many people are unable to stay near their mothers throughout their lives. Tessa and Theresa’s stories of emigrating from England to Canada, away from their moms, are so powerful and so perfectly linked.

Harry and Ellie

Moms have a knack for empowering their children to learn, grow, and excel — at any age. In this video, Harry tells us about his mom’s support throughout his addiction with alcohol, and Ellie talks about how her mom gave her the courage to laugh, dance, and be herself.


In this video, Jackie talks about how her mom gave her the greatest gift — a sense of identity. And the best gift you could give your mom? To tell her how you feel.

Watch the #whatwillyousay video, and tell us — what do you want to say to your mom this Mother’s Day?

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