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Monitive — Once Upon A Site
Once Upon a Site — The Blog

Two years ago I decided to migrate our Monitive blog to a Medium publication called Once Upon A Site. This happened for several reasons, including the fact that we are getting more readers on Medium than we were getting on our blog at the time.

Of course, all while ignoring all there is to SEO.

This was a good call at the time. Since then I’ve learned a whole lot about content, publishing platforms, proprietary software, and especially about actively contributing to creating content on other platforms.

This includes content on social media.

And since almost nothing is forever in…

Photo by Natalya Letunova on Unsplash

Lumen is a stripped down version of the powerful and now very popular Laravel PHP framework, focused on performance and serving stateless requests. I doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Laravel, but it also doesn’t need them when serving API requests. For example, sessions, cookies and views are not a part of Lumen. It’s not intended for serving websites so everything around that got ditched.

This also is why we ditched Laravel Spark in 2018 and migrated to Lumen PHP, as I already mentioned in a previous article. …

There are 6 weeks left of 2020, which means it’s about time we wrap this year up, focus on what’s most important, and leave the nice-to-have endeavors for next year. For Monitive, that means finalizing all the features that our users need to completely migrate from the (now old) Monitive Classic to the new and shiny Monitive.

We’re sunsetting Monitive Classic just before Christmas, so my number one goal is to ensure that every user only has downtime that they know about. …

Photo by Lucian Daniliuc Model Elena P.

There are a lot of tools, apps and services. If you’ve been following Product Hunt, you already know that startups and new apps are being launched every single day. A startup these days is so common that even high-school kids are doing it. There are endless rivers of guides, books and knowhow on how to do it, and since most startups have some sort of product or service, there might be an app for pretty much anything you might think of. And if there isn’t, well, it’s a great moment to build it yourself.


The general theory about building…

As time goes by, I’m looking for solutions that require as little maintenance as possible. One of those is deploying our client web app and our homepage directly on the CDN edge, with GitHub Actions.

Not only we don’t need a server to host the app, but the deployment script is also serverless and maintenance-less. This allows me to focus on important tasks, knowing that deployment and serving of the app is always blazing fast.

Cloudflare Workers Sites allows us to serve the app from Cloudflare’s network of CDN servers without any actual origin. The site is out there, in…

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The day has come. After 10 years of running an uptime monitoring service, of which three years we spent in rewriting of the service. The new Monitive codename “Freyja” is ready for the world to use.

What is it?

Monitive is an uptime monitoring service, which means it checks your websites and other online services every minute, from all around the world and instantly notifies you if they go down, for whatever reason.

It’s like a doorman to your online presence, watching the front door from the street and ensures that people can “go inside” and learn about you, buy something from you…

It’s been a long journey since I decided that the current version of Monitive is just not good enough for our customers.

That it doesn’t scale how it should.

That its interface isn’t responsive or suitable for mobile devices.

That the inner workings are not flexible enough to allow further extensions and features.

All this, because it was the very first usable iteration of Monitive, crafted around 2011.

That’s why on February 2017 I decided to start rewriting everything from scratch. The first git commit for the new Monitive was on March 7th, 2017. …

Two women looking over the mountains
Two women looking over the mountains

“Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does anybody else.”

Progress on the new Monitive has been slow as a snail in a marathon, but nevertheless the progress was there. Since the last update last year, a lot has been going on, and one day I woke up and just decided to write, even if small updates. Not only because Monitive is about transparency, but because I love writing. I love putting myself out there with the good and the bad, I love writing articles that I’ll be embarrassed about in a few years. …

Monitoring engine, Braintree subscriptions and Vuetify

Photo by CHU TAI on Unsplash

It’s been a while since the new Monitive codename “Freyja” was launched in private beta, and even though a lot of things have happened, development is moving forward a bit slow than I’ve hoped.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that the core monitoring engine is running smoothly and it’s a great foundation for the years to come.

I’ve decided to write a short post each week about our progress, so this would be the first one. Week 20 refers to this year’s week number, as I use it personally each week when I’m doing all my planning.

Long story short (remember I…

Written by a self-proclaimed beta testing dummy.

Photo by Aykut Kaya on Unsplash

Don’t worry, this isn’t an article where someone extremely adept at software testing and well-versed in industry terms is going to talk down to you.

I’m a marketer first and a writer second, and no part of my career has ever involved the nitty gritty parts of building out a tech product or service to prepare it for real-life users.

So if you’re completely clueless in this area, don’t worry — I’m right there with you.

That being said, I’ve had to jump into the deep end and start learning all about beta testing in recent months as our team…

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