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We’re excited to announce — a free resource to see how other companies are becoming successful with their own employee and external referral programs when hiring.

We created ReferralPrograms to help answer some of the most common questions that we come across when speaking with hundreds of HR and Talent Acquisition professionals through our work at Drafted.

Should we have a cash referral bonus?

What should our referral bonus be?

Should we open our referral program to people outside the company?

What % of hires should we expect to get through referrals?

How can we run a successful referral program without hurting diversity?

Should we have different bonuses for sales vs engineering positions?

These are just some of the questions that we hope to shed light on through this launch. Every week, we gather information from both community submissions and publicly available data to feature new companies that are crafting their own unique referral programs for hiring.

The best part? is 100% free.

On ReferralPrograms you can

  1. See what other companies are doing
  2. Submit your own company to be featured
  3. Take an anonymous survey to get aggregated statistics about referral based hiring

We’d love to hear from you — you can reach us at for any questions, feedback, or suggestions.

Happy hiring,

Vinayak & Team Drafted

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