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Letter sent on Jan 12, 2017

Coming Soon to Once Upon a What Now…

Dear friends,

It’s been a few weeks since I posted the last chapter of my sci-fi novella, “She.” A few of you have asked if that was the whole story or not — it’s everything that I’ve written! Perhaps at some point I may go back and build up the world a bit more, but when I wrote it, the world was only a backdrop to that strange and mysterious She.

I’ve been having a terrible time deciding what story I want to upload next — I have quite a few in my files, but some require more or less editing than others in order to be presentable. But after some thought, I’ve decided on my next story: Providence.

Providence is set more or less in our day and age, but with an alternate history, in which God and the angels all live on Earth, and Heaven is a little town named Skye. But at this point, God has become a crazy old man, and the angels have all but left…

The first chapter of Providence will be up on Once Upon a What Now by Thursday, January 19th, and each new chapter will be uploaded every Thursday after that.

Happy reading!


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