3 SEO tools to try before going back to school

September is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to discover new SEO tools to try. At OnCrawl, we like to uncover new ways to improve SEO. Because search engine optimization needs to rely on accurate data, you can’t track your performance without reliable tools. We have selected 3 SEO tools that we found relevant and user-friendly for 2016. We would be happy to hear your feedbacks in the comment section if you have already use them or if you think of some others!

Tiny Ranker

SEO tools to discover

This new SEO tool, developed in Norway and Denmark, is a new player in the keyword tracking industry. With its super user-friendly interface, Tiny Ranker is a pretty effective tool.
In the free version, you can track 50 keywords and their rankings and positions on Google search results. The tool is also great because it updates your keyword positions every day, keeping you on top of competition.

The tool thus allows you to:

  • Track your keyword positions and the ranking of different keywords ;
  • Optimize your on-page efforts ;
  • Increase your search traffic ;
  • Save time with the data needed ;
  • Spy your competitors keywords and positions.

Indeed, the tool is divided between the following tabs: site overview, keywords, keyword lists, URLs, Google Analytics and Competitors.


  • User friendly interface
  • You can analyze unlimited websites for each plan
  • You can easily manage dashboards
  • Quick overview of a website performance
  • Reports directly emailed


  • Despite the user-friendly interface, it can be tricky to quickly understand how it works.

Start at 19$/month for 100 keywords credit.
You can start with a free trial


One of the SEO tools to try is UpCity, a search company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA and that offers valuable insights about your SEO performance. The tool is dedicated for those that are new to SEO as its main goal is to simplify your SEO experience.
It allows you to monitor how your website behaves in the search results with a focus on website, social, mobile and local visibility. It offers a 7-days trial that is useful to discover points of improvements.

The tools allows to:

  • Optimize your presence by focusing on website optimizations, your authority, reputation, marketing efforts and conversions ;
  • Monitor your keywords ranking in SERPs and your linking efforts ;
  • Manage your social media publications ;
  • Create reports.


  • Easy to setup
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great overview of what to do next with tasks to complete
  • Share good ideas on how to improve your SEO performances


  • Can’t export reports with small business plan ;
  • Lack of more advanced features about competition.


7-days free trial.

UpCity is quite affordable as it starts from $39 per month. This gives you access to 1 campaign, 5 keywords tracked per site, SEO Report Card, keyword ranking and link reports, and activity tracking report.


Web CEO, launched as a cloud-based version in 2011 has already won several awards and is one of the SEO tools to try this year. It offers a set of comprehensive SEO optimisations to increase your rankings. The tool is easy to use, user-friendly and cover all SEO needs.

The tool focuses on:

  • site metrics ;
  • link building ;
  • social media ;
  • marketing analytics.

Web CEO also offers a feature available for Pro subscribers that allows users to configure a custom domain, complete with their own logo and custom design, for running their own SEO tools. Those white label SEO tools are a good thing if you are trying to build your brand.


  • Easy to set up ;
  • An actionable checklist to complete ;
  • Access to collaborative features such as a visual HTML editor, BuzzTracker, White Label Domain functionality ;
  • Good usability ;
  • API available ;
  • Nice features such as dead links and SEO errors auditing, keyword detection associated with your brand on blogs and social media.


  • The cloud-based version is more expansive than the desktop version ;
  • Lack of scheduled tasks options.


Free trial available.
Start at 75$/month for 5 projects, 10K backlinks analyzed, 200 keywords, 5000 crawled URLs.

We also offer a 30 days trial to analyze your onsite SEO performances. Focus on your HMTL quality, your content, your architecture and your performance. See your website like Google does, boost your rankings and your revenues all naturally.


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