Bring me what?

A visual guide to on-demand delivery
in San Francisco

by Stephanie Pakrul

Moving to San Francisco is like stepping into Wonderland. It’s filled with geeks, hippies and foodies, and everyone is trying to change the world. We are a city of code bootcamps, $15 cocktails, ecstatic dancing, and Soylent sno-cones.

There is so much here and companies are vying to bring stuff right to your home. If you don’t need to brave MUNI, BART, parking (ha!), and SF’s damn hills, why not open an app and stay in your PJs?

With dozens and dozens of these delivery services available, it can be confusing to figure out which service meets your needs for a particular situation. This flowchart only scratches the surface (suggestions welcome!), but it should help with getting you a new dress shirt tonight or gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese from a restaurant across town.

I am a web developer, artist-of-many-trades, and OG camgirl. Talk to me about startups, mental health, sex work, craft cocktails, and life in a hacker hotel in San Francisco. @stephthegeek