Lyft Uber Sucks.

The ways of transportation have evolved so much over the years these days you can literally get someone to pick you up with just an app on a smart phone now.

Of course, they still cost money. List on both the Lyft and Uber websites you can estimate the cost of how much it is going to take you to get somewhere.

All you have to do is input your location, say where you want to go and a driver just shows up and takes you. No phone call or wave down necessary.

Both are much cheaper than trying to get a taxi after estimating the price. I input a 12 minute trip across town in the RideGuru website and it said the trip would cost 21 dollars by taxi.


If it were up to me I would rather walk than spend 20 dollars (maybe it’s because I’m a cheap college student, but I digress).

It’s amazing how extremely convenient it is to get the ride though, and how much cheaper. Technology has made this all so much simpler.

I actually have never taken any other transportation aside from driving myself or taking the bus, but I have seen many others utilize these and from the outside in it seems so… impersonal.

It’s all just done from an app on your phone. You just log on and reserve some random driver to show up and take you where you want to go.

Get a ride, order a pizza, skydive probably. All done from phone apps.

All of these apps and online sources of contacting people is just creating a proverbial wall separating people, from people.

What ever happened to conversation? To not being afraid to confront people and talk and go up to the counter and ordering the pizza yourself?

As if it wasn’t already difficult to confront someone, these things only divide people farther from each other, feeding into the fear.

Of course not all people are afraid to talk to strangers and make conversation, not all people utilize these apps, and not all people want to skydive. Just from seeing friends and coworkers being scared to talk to people, these methods do not help the cause.

There are other ways to challenge the knee-rattling concept of confrontation of course. Kathy Caprino said in her article “5 Critical Steps to Fearless Confrontation” to mentally prepare yourself and set the stage when confronting.

It’s just another person, if anything they’re probably just as nervous as you are when it comes to confrontation.

I’m not saying don’t use these apps, obviously they save you a ton of money. Just don’t let it define who you are. Be the person who isn’t afraid to talk to someone.

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