5 Underrated Summer Vacation Spots

It is blazing hot outside and no amount of lemonades and watermelons are enough to quench our thirst. The dreams we often dream of this summer are filled with snow and showers that chill you to your spine. But sadly one has to wake up to reality and live the day that comes ahead. And that’s exactly why the term vacation came into being. Human body requires a period of self soothing such that it gears up for the further work. 
But the only places we desire to travel are now over rated and are in now search for a better place to lay low from civilization. This list if for such travelers who desire to immerse within the creations and bounties of Mother Nature.

1. Ziro — Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro — Arunachal Pradesh

With a population of around 13,000, this place is a collaboration of both beauty and serenity. Endless textures of green grass and the paddy fields — ones breath is taken back at this beautiful scenic place. Towering Pine forests, Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghna Cave that is nearly 5000 years old are some of the many prime features of this place. 
Average mean temperature of this place is 17 degree Celsius; hence your ice cream stays solid for more time. Another admirable facet of this locality are the tribes and their tattooed faces.

2. Northern Sikkim

Northern Sikkim

Gangtok is a place we often hear when northern vacations are made and this list doesn’t include this place because it clearly is overrated. But 65 Kms away lays every wonder you desire to see. From frozen lakes, icy peaks to ancient monasteries, every twist and turn on the path brings you something beautiful and jaw dropping. With much to explore, this place would be perfect vacation spot for travelers craving peace.

3. Doodhpathri — The Valley of Milk

Doodhpathri — The Valley of Milk

A two hour ride from the Srinagar airport to Doodhpathri; and your heart whispers to you saying never to leave this place. A cartoon depicting a small girl named Heidi and her grandfather living in a place did once capture our eyes and heart — but Doodhpathri is a visual creation of that marvel, and is much better than we ever can imagine. Name obtained from the stream passing through the meadow, this place is nothing short of a wonder.

4. Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands

Often the only islands we talk o are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and we tend to forget that Lakshadweep belongs to India too. This destination is more than just beaches; it awakens your senses and somehow makes you feel content. The vast stretch of the seas, the un-polluted beaches, the rich cuisine, the odd language spoken, the resorts and everything about his island is spectacular. 
The most important of all is the rich flora and fauna found underwater. Boasting of a rich coral reef, this place does have a lot of restrictions, such that the human intervention to these marvels are put to a halt.

5. Mararikulam


If there is a place where even the blazing Sun wouldn’t matter, it is Mararikulam. One falls in love with this village bordering Allapuzha. It isn’t just the nature that grabs our attention but also the buildings and people living there. With nothing but just beauty encircling the entire place, we could in fact vouch this state as ‘God’s Own Country’.

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