COVID-19 uncovered our blindspots — here’s how we’re addressing them.

Today, we launch the COVID Calculator, a free tool to help organizations take a safety-first approach to adapt to the new normal, and get back to business.

One Concern
Nov 10, 2020 · 2 min read

We founded One Concern with a singular vision: to build something that would make the world a more resilient place.

2020 has proven this vision to be more critical now than ever before.

But this year has not only demonstrated the need for resilience — it has fundamentally changed the world’s understanding of the concept altogether. True resilience requires systems that embrace the delicate interconnectedness between people, places, and the processes within them.

Today, we’re launching COVID Calculator, a free tool to help organizations use probabilistic risk modeling to better understand the impact of COVID-19. This launch comes after months of R&D, where we focused on empowering leaders to take a collaborative, resilient and safety-first approach around returning to work, to help their organizations adapt to what is our new normal.

One Concern COVID Calculator

With the ability to forecast virus spread, as well as the impact of organizational safety measures (i.e. WFH, physical distancing, mask-wearing), we want our users to have the data they need to make high quality decisions, implement safer policies, and communicate those policies clearly and with confidence.

This tool is a part of One Concern’s broader mission to address the escalating threats our world faces, particularly those brought on by our changing climate. And as a deeper commitment to reducing vulnerabilities and building global resilience, we are releasing this tool free of charge.

Because now is the time for solidarity — to take a meaningful position today, that has material impact on tomorrow.

-Ahmad Wani, CEO and Co-founder of One Concern.

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