How to Construct a Data Science Portfolio from Scratch

Every expert was once a beginner — Helen Hayes

In my case, I want to feel as if the work I’m doing is for something. Some goal that I am trying to achieve, or something that I can display as that is what motivates me. However, while that may not motivate every new data scientist, after talking to industry experts (i.e. consultants, and people with PhD’s in this field i.e. super smart people), one piece of advise has always been common: make a portfolio. Showcase your work somewhere because you never know who will read it, and may want to reach out to you.

My Academic Background — Building the Base

I may not know much about constructing a house, or any type of building, but I do know that before starting any construction project, it is very important to scope the area and build a base. That is what I did with my education. I graduated with a Honours BSc in Biology and Psychology. You may be wondering — that has nothing to do with data science, how is that useful? Well it really is. Getting that initial undergrad degree has helped me build strong critical thinking skills, researching skills, and most importantly a drive to stick to and love Science. I have also been able to develop a love for healthcare and public health, and aim to be a public health advocate.

Creating the Portfolio — Your Tool Kit

  1. Medium and/or Other Blogging Platforms

The Construction

However you want to build your data science portfolio is up to you. Maybe you want to incorporate all 4 tools, maybe none at all! I think the important thing is to practice. Data Science, analytics, coding — these are all like learning an instrument. The more you practice, the better you get and master your craft, and there is never a moment when you are not learning. Whether you are a Junior Analyst or a CEO — practice is everything. If people can see your work along the way and provide praise or feedback, it just brings you that much closer to that “expert” title!

One Datum At A Time

Writings from a data science enthusiast, public health advocate, and life long student


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My journey as an aspiring data scientist in the Healthcare field. I am a photographer, dancer, and public health advocate. Join me on my journey!

One Datum At A Time

Writings from a data science enthusiast, public health advocate, and life long student