Meet One Degree’s New Team Members!

We’re thrilled to be joined by amazing new team members at One Degree. Please welcome four new Onesies who are working on critical projects at help deepen our impact and keep the organization running smoothly.

Angel Alvarado, Senior Software Engineer
Angel joined to use his skills for good and to make an impact. Angel brings years of experience as a Senior Engineer at a non-profit publisher where he helped transform their websites and publishing systems. Angel implemented systems for companies and marketing agencies in both the US and Mexico. He brings a passion for “big data,” and Data Engineering.

Lauren Fogel, Senior Product Manager
Lauren joined to bring her deep leadership experience in and passion for product development and strategy to the social service sector. As Senior Product Manager, she will oversee the development of our web and mobile products, ensuring that members are able to quickly and easily find and utilize the resources they need. For over 20 years, Lauren held product development leadership positions at Pearson, a major global education technology company, where she led the development of products in higher education STEM disciplines that are in use by millions of students around the world.

Adam Rey, Executive Assistant
With a passion for social justice and a desire to help those in need, Adam joined One Degree to be part of an organization working for meaningful change. Previously Adam worked in operations with the San Francisco Democratic Party where he applied his skills to coordinate, organize, and mobilize campaigns, volunteers, and potential voters to promote local measures and candidates he believed in.

Andrea Wood, Head of Development
Andrea joined One Degree to help tip the balance of power to individuals and families that are struggling to build a path out of poverty. She is responsible for fundraising and the development of partnerships with agencies, philanthropists, and foundations that share One Degree’s vision of a world where anyone can achieve social and economic mobility. Previously, Andrea served as Director of Advocacy and Fundraising at Mozilla, founded and led the client services team at, served as a Senior Consultant at M+R Strategic Services.