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Three Frequency highlights from Unfinished Live 2022

The Frequency booth at Unfinished Live 2022
Braxton Woodham, co-creator of Frequency, speaking at Unfinished Live 2022

The Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) demonstrates new value in “decentralized shared state”

Braxton Woodham, co-creator of Frequency, talked about how blockchain technology can push past what many think of as Web3 today, beyond the DeFi and NFT use cases that fill the news. He pointed to the development of the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), a technology breakthrough that enables us for the first time in human history to have what he calls a “decentralized shared state” in social networking. Today, the infrastructure behind social media profiles and feeds, product reviews, and the global search index that Google dominates is centralized. This data is stored in private databases and proprietary systems. But by leveraging blockchain technology in DSNP’s design, we can decentralize this infrastructure, taking it out of privately owned, centralized systems — and ensure that it is universally accessible and shared. This is the approach behind the open-source DSNP. (Frequency is the first production-grade implementation of DSNP.)

“We can’t do it alone. It can’t be one person’s idea. It can’t be one tech group. It needs to be a movement.” — Braxton Woodham, co-creator, Frequency

Jonathan Dotan, founding director of Starling Labs, speaking at Unfinished Live 2022

A Frequency and Starling Labs collab is on the horizon

One collaborative effort revealed on the Unfinished Live mainstage was between Frequency and Starling Labs, which is headed up by Jonathan Dotan. Using the Frequency protocol, Starling Labs will prototype ways in which they can help fact-checkers get accurate information — and fact-checkers can hold journalists accountable for their reporting.

Vytas Jankauskas, course lead at La Plateforme in Marseille, France, speaking at Unfinished Live 2022

A tech school in Marseille, France, piloted a program with Frequency for decentralized social media ideation

A free, inclusive technology school in France, La Plateforme, in collaboration with Project Liberty, created an educational program and boot camp looking at specific communities in Marseille. They were tasked with imagining and building social applications to support various unique communities and interests. The exercise was to work directly with the people who use social media every day to uncover how a group might appropriate a social network using a decentralized infrastructure.

Video of the social networking boot camp at La Plateforme with Frequency

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