I read everything!

Say hello to the Mr. President of the United States, Frank Underwood.

One of my favorite TV series is House of Cards.

The actors, the scenarios, the political game… Everything at the screen holds up my entire attention.

And what I most love in the serie is Frank Underwood.

Ok, I know he is a bad guy, he has no heart, he is a narcissist, an egocentric, and so on. However, you have to admit that the man is smart.

He got all he wanted using the brain. He is always three steps forward.

And how he can be always the smartest person in the room?

By reading.

Commonly Underwood is seen holding a book and making annotations.

He studies.

He tries to get smarter.

He reads.

He succeeds.

He had already said in one episode:

I read everything!

But why he reads so much?

Because reading means to getting knowledge and information.

And knowledge plus information is power.

Before you go I want to let you a gift ( and an invitation to start reading good books).

BuzzFeed did a very good booklist for House of Cards fans that I strongly recommend. Just click here to see it.

Are you a fan of House of Cards too? Or have you read some of the books at the BuzzFeed’ list?

Comment below! ;)