One Health Teaching, Research, and Community Outreach Workshop

OH TRAC Helps Your Proposal Move on the Right TRACK

The implementation of the One Health concept is significantly needed for university activities, including teaching, research, and community outreach. Students, as the future One Health Workforce, as well as lecturers and practitioners are the key groups to learn One Health core competencies to better understand how to implement the approach into real situations to tackle emerging infectious diseases.

The One Health Teaching, Research, and Community Outreach workshop was conducted to bring comprehensive facilitation to develop captivating grant research proposals, enhance One Health education quality in the university, and involve the community to implement collective work for local zoonoses issues. Conducted on March 21–23, 2017 in Surabaya, East Java, 103 selected participants coming from more than 4 disciplines attended the workshop. To be eligible for the workshop, the applicants had to submit a proposal based on the class they wanted to attend at the workshop. The 103 participants were selected from around 170 applicants after a review process by experts from INDOHUN.

OH TRAC helped the proposals get on the right track.

Prior to the workshop, a symposium for all three groups discussed the current situation on challenges with grants on a national and international scale and national grant opportunities from the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, as well as the Indonesia Endowment for Education.

In the teaching, research, and community outreach class, INDOHUN used interactive methods that involve active participation and a practical approach to improve their own proposals. In the teaching class, the participants were taught to design and develop innovative teaching methods and grant proposals related to increasing their teaching method. In the research class, the participants learned how to create compelling and fundable grant proposals. In the community outreach class, they were taught to design effective and sustainable community outreach programs.

Following the workshop, INDOHUN opened three award categories, the One Health Collaborative Study Awards, One Teaching Innovation Awards, and One Health Community Outreach Innovation Awards. These programs will support One Health leaders in Indonesia to contribute to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging infectious diseases within their local areas.

About the Author

Alexandra Tatgyana Suatan is a networking officer with the Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN), a network supported by the USAID One Health Workforce project.

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