Where do you want to eat tonight?

Who doesn’t want to eat here?

Her: Where should we eat tonight?

Him: I don’t know where do you want to eat?

Her: I don’t know where do you want to eat?

Him: We could go to the same place we always go?

Her: Yeah, but let’s look for someplace new to check out.

How many of you have had this conversation with your wife or husband?

There is an almost unlimited amount of information out there about the restaurant scene. Google, Yelp, Eater, OpenTable, Travel + Leisure, the NY Times, OpenRice, Zagat, local magazine and on and on…

While these all work, they’re all pretty big. I mean who really wants to look at 4,654 different restaurant choices and then filter out bad reviews.

Too much work and nothing fresh.

How about a different way?

On One Hundred Tables [ onehundredtables.com ] we decided to take a more crowdsourced approach by auto-curating the entire site.

  • 100 great places to eat out.
  • 100 cities worldwide.
  • From Dive Bars to Five Stars.

Instead of having a handful of people determine who gets showcased, we took the approach of having the site “auto-curate” itself based on where tons of people (diners) have had great restaurants experiences.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a high-end joint or a food truck, what counts is the overall experience is worth seeking out.

We don’t know which restaurants are going to show up on the site. Every week is a pleasant surprise of restaurant discovery for everyone.

Everyday new restaurants add themselves to One Hundred Tables based on a number of Accolades they’ve received somewhere — call them “proof points”. Each restaurant gets to identify and highlight where they’ve been “accoladed” by others in the industry.

The logic is simple— you know those stickers that restaurants put in their front window or on the door where you walk in? On One Hundred Tables we provide that same space only in a digital way for them to highlight their trophies.

If a restaurant has received some love by one or more of these reliable and respected sources, then we allow them to be one of the 100 restaurants featured on One Hundred Tables in their city.

Some of the Accolades sources a restaurant can pinpoint on One Hundred Tables

When a restaurant selects the outlet(s) where they’ve been featured, it appears on their One Hundred Tables profile as a reason (or reasons) why the diner should consider going to that particular restaurant.

It looks like this:

Dacha Beer Garden was featured on the Eater 38 and received a TripAdvisor Award of Excellence.

The One Hundred Tables restaurant profile:

The objective of One Hundred Tables restaurant profile is to be the best one on the web that delivers real value for the restaurant.

One Hundred Tables is not a list of restaurants spread across a bunch of pages nobody will ever find. It is a collection of 100 great places to eat, with all 100 featured on a single city page so a user can see them all in one shot and then easily select a great option to check out.

This is how a city looks as it fills up:

New York City on onehundredtables.com

Restaurants that qualify (by being awesome and having one of more respected accolades) pay $8.95/month for the profile. Period.

See who you know on onehundredtables.com already and discover some new places to check out on your foodie adventures.

You can also download the App for free on iTunes. Every restaurant that makes it on the site is automatically added to the App.

Tune in every week as every city is filling up restaurant by restaurant until each city reaches 100 great places — then it goes to waiting list.

Currently 50 of the 100 cities are open.

50 of the 100 cities on onehundredtables.com
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