Wait, your NFT does nothing? That’s a pity.

Boost yourself to the highest tier of One-Immortl’s platform with these NFTs

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Munich, Germany — As the Immortl platform expands to include all aspects of life on the blockchain, the team now presents an opportunity to launch to the top as a high priority holder; Introducing The Anubis Genesis Series of NFTs —Now on sale on OpenSea
Different from the revolutionary Immortl fractionalized, dividend-yielding NFTs, the Anubis Series comes with its own set of unique perks.

“Immortl will make it a priority to always build upon services for our genesis community, offering them priority status,” said owner Denis Stolper.

Rewards fit for the gods

Holders of Anubis NFTs will automatically qualify for the Immortl Genesis Program, receiving a handful of benefits, and access to major project utilities.

The highest tier status available, Genesis Program participants automatically receive higher rewards, and discounts with Immortl partners when using the Immortl Wallet.
To flaunt their status, Genesis holders will be airdropped a digital card, in addition to a very real physical credit card, adorned with their minted character on the front.

Altogether, this means —
-High Rewards in staking and farming

-Reduced transaction fees with the Immortl Wallet

-Wallet avatars

Trade like a god, fight like the ancients

Additionally, Genesis holders will have access to the upcoming Immortl Senso game — A Mortal Combat style PvP where NFT characters can face off and test out new skins and abilities. Anubis NFT owners will have access to the Immortl game, avatar personalization platform, and player upgrade system. Access to the gaming interface allows players to upgrade their fighters, or to trade, buy, and sell them.

Where and when?

The Anubis Series is on sale now on OpenSea.

Additional details on the release of The Anubis Series can be found on Twitter or Telegram. Our team is always standing by to answer questions.


To contact the marketing team email us at marketing@one-immortl.com.



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