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One In A Cillian

Guild Candidacy


To create the most desirable collection of NFTs on the Wax network.


To appeal to a new market for NFT investors with a simple, inviting concept. Whether you have memories of playing your home version of monopoly, or you are a fan of your local sports team, or that of your home town which is now not as close as you might like, OIAC allows you to own a piece of that place. You may want to collect all the places that make up the journey of your life so far, you may want to buy a meaningful gift for a loved one, or even invest in something to pass on to future generations. OIAC aims to redefine the meaning of NFT


To mint NFTs in quantities that directly correlate with the population of every place name on earth. Collections would include country level by cities, right down to the smallest of villages.

Project Outline

So what is a Cillian?

It is a unit of measure that will eventually be a part of everyone’s vocabulary

Using the alphabet placings of the name Cillian multiplied by each other and divided by 1,000 gives the figure 489.888 or a Cillian!

489.888 — Cillian

1,000 — Thousand

1,000,000 — Million

1,000,000,000 — Billion

I am going to take a list of every country and city in the world with the current population. There will be one token for each “Cillian” of people in the country/city.

Official WAX Guild Candidate Name

  • OIAC

Location of Company Headquarters

  • London

Expected Location of Servers

  • United Kingdom — London

Type of Servers

  • Bare metal for Primary Servers & Backup Servers

Employees List and Respective Role

  • Cillian Maye (Founder & CEO)
  • Donnie Dr34d (CTO)

Relevant Background Qualifications

Cillian Maye — Having worked in information security since 2013, I’ve seen the landscape change and believe that future generations will value digital assets in the same way that past generations valued physical ones. Sustainability is a real passion and I take pride in finding solutions, both in my personal and professional life, with sustainability at the heart of them. The NFT offerings on the WAX Blockchain offer collectors such an elegant solution, which I want to share with the wider investment community who may still be looking for some education in the crypto world. OAIC will offer the gateway and make it as simple as possible to take the first steps in to the exciting world of NFTs.

Technical Specifications

Producer Node: Bare Metal, 4.2 GHZ, 128GB RAM, 1TB NVME

Backup Node: Bare Metal, 4.2 GHZ, 128GB RAM, 250GB SSD

P2P node: Bare Metal, 4.2 GHZ, 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD

Hyperion V1/V2 node: Bare Metal, 4.2 GHZ, 128GB RAM, 24TB NVME

Atomic API node: Bare Metal, 4.2 GHZ, 128GB RAM, 4TB NVME

Estimated Scaling Plan

With the help of Icinga monitoring we will continuously monitor our infrastructure and upgrade our servers when the requirement comes. We will continuously research new cloud bare metal providers to ensure our servers future requirements can be accommodated.

Community Benefit Project Outline

Additional tools and services will be built up around one in a Cillian in the future.

A list of Telegram & Node Names for Community Testnet Participation

Node name: oneinacilian

Testnet node name: oneinacilian

Twitter: OIACWAX

Github: oneinacillian

Keybase: oneinacillian

Telegram: Cillian_Maye

Governance, Transparency and Accountability

We strongly believe in the governance of Guilds to ensure the high standards of the WAX blockchain is maintained.

We are a fully independent and self-funded company and therefore we have complete control of how our company operates.

The only share holder is our founder Cillian Maye who is also accountable for all actions within the organisation.



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