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Jun 7 · 2 min read

In which I made big money…not!

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

So, the tally is in, and for my first month on Medium, I made $.72. The ROI on that is terrible, but I’m still here. Because I am aware that ROI is often horrible for the first month of anything, and hey, I still made money, so what do I have to lose? Plus I don’t live my life based entirely on ROI!

I wasn’t very consistent either, just posted when I wanted to. Very sporadic, I’d say. Nor have I really linked ideas together so much yet — not enough content to do so. I definitely have room to grow as I learn more about the Medium platform.

But I’m learning, trying new things and definitely reading as much as I can from all of Medium. There is so much to learn! But I continue to pay my monthly membership so that I can read everything Medium has to offer. And I’m planning on joining some FB groups on the topic as well.

So far, I’m not doing so hot this month either, with a balance of nothing currently. But a lot of that has been my 3 weeks + old headache, which is continuing to make it hard to get anything of note done. Plus my other June commitments, of course. At least school will be finished in the next few weeks, which will give me more time.

I also have some ideas to increase exposure to my Medium posts, so I’ll be experimenting with that as well. This is all a big experiment for me, though I do have some goals waiting in the wings for Medium. But first I want to learn all I can!

How’d your first month go?

One Income Living

Living on one income

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One Income Living

Living on one income

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