#3 Ola — Emphasising the last 4 digits of Reg. No.

First up, thanks a lot for the immense support I’m getting for this series — there are details added into various apps every single day and although everything can be documented — few of them make a lot more sense than others through their use-case. So, instead of recording every single change that’s made — I’m focusing my efforts on changes/details that have a reason behind them.

If you’ve ever booked a cab through Ola, you’re aware of how the process goes. The immediate thing you’ll be looking for is the last 4 digits of the vehicle on the number plate. Considering the amount of vehicles in a country like India and a city like Mumbai it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the vehicle’s make & model due to a lot of similar vehicles on the road.

Gotta give it to Ismail for maintaining that crisp rating.

So for example, if the vehicle reg. number is MH-43BA1479 — the user who has booked the cab will immediately remember the last 4 digits (1479 in this case) in their mind and start to scan the road to spot a vehicle with those digits.

The detail: Ola seems to have identified this behaviour and classifies information brilliantly in their app by separating the last 4 digits on a new line and in a different font size than the rest of the registration number.

Bonus: Ola also highlights the OTP code which is important to be communicated to the driver after you get inside the cab.

Thanks to Saurabh Kumar for pointing this out.

P.S. I miss the SEGA’s Crazy Taxi.

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