The 100 Day Method for Adulting.

Mar 11, 2019 · 3 min read
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I’ll be honest, 100 days seem like a really long time. A part of my brain, is already plotting an exit plan as I write this. But, if you think about it — we’re already 69 days into 2019 and I can bet my future house on how many of you have already fallen off the wagon.

Does 100 days still sound so bad to bring forth a permanent change? I’m in!

What’s next?

Let’s talk about my recent discovery on another small-hack-method, 100 days of flow. Its pretty straight forward with a small-dig at leap in faith.

Set an intention.

Surrender your worries, doubts and problems to what you consider your higher self/universe/god/or sadly, for some of you, your government.

Stay in a high vibration by do things that you enjoy. (Please note: Staying intoxicated will not be counted, also you do have to go to work)

Document your journey. (Stay accountable!)

Collect your reward. (Here are the cookies)

Sounds easy? It is. But, in my experience most of us will fall off this wagon around day 40th.

To make sure this system is absolutely full proof I decided to go the extra mile and create a plan around its execution. My plan can be broken down into four very important parts:

The Major Intention Drive

You need an intention for every action you take. What do you want to manifest or accomplish in the next 100 days? I’m sure a lot of you are tempted, to put forth an impossible dream of manifesting a “singing career like Rihanna”.

I’m not saying the above is an impossible dream to achieve. But, it might be if you cannot sing at all. I invested two weeks in thinking and came up with three concrete intentions to accomplish.

A. The first one is, habitual in nature. Bringing back a practice in life, that has heightened my sense of satisfaction from life by a million times in the past.

B. The second one is, inspiration in nature. Something along the lines of the Rihanna thing.

C. The third one is around experiential receptivity. This one is hard work to slowly change perceptions around me to change the way I experience my reality.

The Supreme Manifesto

If I’ve learnt anything from my rules-stricken father, it is the importance of having some rules in my life. I just function better with a structure around me. I created a manifesto for these 100 days to make myself more accountable.

  1. Bullet Journal: Documentation can get tricky, if one isn’t a type of person to journal. I researched a little on bullet journal. It’s very effective and short. Each morning & evening, I intend on noting highlights of my journey in less than 60 words.
  2. External motivation: I spent around $200 to join a class to keep my daily practice regular. My experience has taught me, nothing motivates you more than a giant hole in your wallet.
  3. Cancel subscriptions: We’re too comfortable around our homes, that’s one of the reasons why nothing gets done on time. I cancelled a few of my tv subscriptions to keep my evenings boring enough for me to motivate myself to do other things.

The Real Deal

If you knew that if you didn’t complete a task — you’d lose your job. Would you still spend a week rewatching game of thrones last season?

Exactly my point. Put something big at stake, to make it dangerous.

I promised myself to give up something I really love, if I drop this challenge midway.

One of my exes once told me, one way to accelerate the pace of your life is to start now. I dumped him that night, but nevertheless very good lesson!

I am quite bad at ending things, so I will keep it short.

I will see you in 100 days, as an accomplished adult.

Stay tuned!

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