The experimental decade of 2020.

Feb 4 · 4 min read
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“Does that hurt?”

He said as he pressed his big thumb down onto the painful swollen virtuous finger of mine. Our 61 year old family doctor had not only skipped an important chapter in med school on how reflexes work, but also saved himself an empowered punch on his wrinkly grin from a certain injured feminist who was experiencing a rather unusual lag in her reflexes on that fortunate afternoon.

It was fracture. It still is.

A very painful, inflamed silly one indeed.

You see, the last two months of 2019 had been a giant blur. It felt like I was stooping to new levels of a creativity blocks. I was experiencing a slow motion numbness to my regular everyday life, #theplainJanelife in a nutshell.

Somewhere between stuffing the turkey and stuffing my face, I came across this amazing video. This video sent shocks all over my body. My 2020 could be this exciting! To sum this video up for you, Matt D’Avella a creative genius talks about these 12 authentic habits he tried in 2019, 30 days each. He talks about each experiment and his experience around it.

Needless to say, the day after Christmas was spent putting together what experiments I will partake in the coming year.

The planning was exhaustive but so rewarding. I made a list of all things I wanted as a part of my daily routine to make it more festive.

Even though Project sickness did sort of overpower my project January plans we’re 72 hours in February and I think I might have pushed a few boundaries around my curse. Now, let’s talk business.

Here’s the plan, folks.

Let’s be honest multiple areas of our lives are a giant cry for help. I’ve gone ahead and recognised a few of those areas and made 30 day action plans around them.

  • That book on WWII, which had once contributed to be an excellent Instagram story is now gathering some thick dust in some gloomy corner of my room, with a few friends of sort. Dedicating 30–60mins every day for 30 days for reading could do no harm, can it?
  • This brings me to my next area — my 100 day of Adulting post about being punctual, was a 100 days late. Need I say more?
  • I have always had a love/hate relationship with fitness. However, running had been the step child I trapped in a dungeon a very long time ago. Given how expensive real estate is here, is it time to free her?
  • I used to take immense pride in telling me how I was a night person, until they all realised that I have been going to bed at 10.30pm religiously for the last 8 years. Now I have no friends and I tell people that I am a morning person. The CEO club had recorded that 80% of CEO’s wake up at 5am every day. It is awfully simple to do so when one is heavily jet lagged. But, could I Steve Jobs myself out of this one?
  • Each time I have meditated regularly in a routine, within a month things around me changed magically — things would just fall into my lap! This is the one that excites me the most, I have been meditating a few times a week over the past 10 years or so. But if I can make magic happen, why stop?
  • Living in New York, walking everywhere is extremely common. I believed I walked everywhere, until one afternoon my financial adviser (aka my husband) sat me down and gently showed me (aka yelled on top of his voice) the hundreds of dollars I was giving the Ubers, Lyfts of the world. I can walk myself to rich, watch me!
  • Keto is the new babe I get it. Whole30 is my bae though. After trying almost 75% of diets out there, I am about to negotiate my open relationship with food to make sure I live to see another 30 years, maybe.
  • In the last 8 years I moved 4–5 times across countries, cities and continents. I gained a lot of experience and lost a lot of friends. During our long flight back from Australia, my husband and I were talking about adopting a little pup — when I experienced a full blown panic attack because we do have anyone to babysit our pup for our next Australia trip. I am quite a homebody, but I have to put myself out, there for the adorable pup that is on the line.
  • Did you know an average person in the urban world spends around 150 hours a month watching TV. That number doesn’t add up when you look at it, but divide it by 30 and match it what you do after work. What if I could get it back for just 30 days. Could I do famous?

This is a big list and I have 332 days to pick and make a few of these work! Keep an eye out on this space for more.

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