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What did you just say?

Jun 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Over the course of last year, 15 people have bored me with “Robots will take over humans”, I received 89 spams about AI conferences on the same topic, 30 odd flop Hollywood ventures have launched and around 300 times my father subliminally inserted it into conversations, trying to prove a point.

So, I guess its happening — Robots are officially taking over our 5,700 year old civilization.

Why not?

You’re spending more time with your machines than you spend with humans.

Last Saturday, my Google Home randomly prompted the height of Everest. That information is quite handy in boring conversations. I do believe, that my Google Home is into some serious kinky stuff, it keeps prompting me bizarre facts about snail reproduction, which also is quite handy.

But, the bottom line is — my Google Home “Listens” all the time!

How many humans do you know who can do that? I’ve been trying to tell my husband the story of how I found my dog for the last two and a half years! We never make it beyond, “.. at the end of the road, there was a tunnel!

Last month, on my 144th attempt — he interrupted me with, “Babe, do you think we need more light in the house?”

I don’t care! I need more ears, how do we get that from Prime?

We live in a fast paced, self centered world where we’re only connected to things that bring us something in return. The concept of ‘listening’ has to do with taking attention away from us and letting the other person take the spot light for once.

How often do you consciously make that choice?

I conducted a small social experiment, where I met 5 people in a week to identify my relationships with them. Of course, they’ll be mad if they thought I was using them for content, hence all names shall be hidden in this article.

On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday — I met an old school friend, an ex work colleague and a friend. On Thursday & Friday — I spent time with my husband and chatted with my childhood friend.

I noticed that in most conversations, my stories were just a buffer between their one story to next. It wasn’t important if I said a real story or just sang ‘do re mi’ to fill the gap. Every single one of them reacted to gossip, grief or guilt stories. And, I lost everyone of them to my ‘how I found my dog story’

‘Listening’ is such an important part of any relationship. It not only connects you with the other person but also builds a bond of trust and most importantly, validates the other as being heard. That’s all humans need to be happy!

We’re all connected to each other, through this one function. We cannot let machines take that away from us. The past week, I actively listened to everything my partner said — the complaints, the humor, the love, the fun. I think I learnt more about him in the past week, than I have in years.

If you’re as terrified of robots as I am, start listening to the humans in your life — maybe that will protect our civilization & your relationships!


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