The Job Fair: A Hub of Opportunities

Daniel Bozhkov
Apr 3, 2019 · 3 min read
(photograph of the official Job Fair banner from the FB page of the event)

Organized by the AUBG Career Center and annually held at the ABF Student Center Sports Hall, the Job & Internship Fair is AUBG’s hallmark recruitment event highly anticipated by both students and recruiters.

As stated in the description of the event’s official Facebook page, the ultimate goal of the Job & Internship Fair is to provide AUBG students and alumni with “exceptional opportunities for either full-time, internship or summer-time employment as well as allow person-to-person interviews between the candidates and the recruiters”.

Rumyna Hristova, Career Center Coordinator, supports the claim: “The event is a great opportunity for current students to find internship positions, which can develop in full-time positions after graduation again based on the knowledge, skills acquired, performance, and ambition to develop professionally.

Additionally, the event is also a great optimization tool for recruiters to streamline the recruitment process, which can often be costly and significantly time-consuming.

Moreover, recruiters have a chance to take the stage and pitch their companies to a high-quality competitive group of hires with ambitious vision about their future.

Dimitar Bratovanov, an AUBG alumnus currently working as a Junior Consultant at Brightivesays that before his decision to attend the Job Fair he had already done some research of the Bulgarian job market and found two companies that really appealed to him — one of them was Brightive, who are also attending this year’s 26thannual Job & Internship Fair.

He shares that some of his AUBG friends, who have had previous interaction with the company, recommended it to him and he also got even further engaged after a company presentation on campus a month prior to the event.

Shortly after, he went on to submit his CV to AUBG’s resume book, which is a collection of all interested participants CVs, which the administration then sends out to the attending companies.

On the day of the event he had already arranged an interview, which went quite “pleasantly and informally “according to his words, which left him with a good impression and was a reason for him to consider the company as his future workplace.

Later, after a Skype interview with one of the founders and several other assessment formalities he was officially offered the position in June, which he gladly accepted.

Bratovanov says that shortly after the acceptance he was contacted by three more companies from the Job Fair towards which he had shown interest during the event.

To the question what is the reason for the high number of AUBG alumni working in the company, he states: “Brightive is looking for people with international experience. It is not a coincidence that so many of the employees have graduated from AUBG or universities in the UK. Fun fact, two of the employees coming from AUBG and who are both under 30 are currently occupying C-level positions and are part of the leadership of the company.”

Georgi Georgiev, a senior at AUBG and active President of the Student Government is currently employed as Business Development Consultant at ScaleFocus — a company that participated in the 25thedition of the Job Fair.

He recalls his experience with the Job Fair: “During the event I had the chance to learn more about ScaleFocus by communicating extensively to the HR officials, who were present. Eventually, I was offered a Business Development Trainee position which later on evolved into a distance position I have the chance to occupy from the comfort of our beloved AUBG campus.”

This year on the 3rdof April the 26thannual Job Fair will take place and there will be more than 60 employers from various industries arriving at the university to seek the best qualified candidates for their companies.

Some of the companies, which will take part this year include Nielsen Bulgaria, Procter & Gamble, Brightive, Scale Focus, Teach for Bulgaria and Telelink.

Be present, have your eyes wide-open and if you recognize an opportunity act on it right then and there, because nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

And as Richard Branson says: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure how to do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later.”


Daniel Bozhkov is a modest journalist revered by the whole industry.

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