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Hi, we are back this week with the Top 5 keynotes for you to read through the whole content of 20 slides within minutes. For those who already read this report, we updated the disclaimer about how you can use this report right and well.

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Keynote 1 — In Vietnam, the first conversation about “Bitcoin” starts as early as 2013, but in 2018 “Blockchain” buzzword is on the constant growth despite the value market fluctuations.

2013–2016: Cryptocurrency conversation appeared in Vietnam (Bitcoin since 2013), but still little discussion till 2016
2017: The boom year of the interest about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Vietnam
2018: The year of actions and activities about Blockchain from startup companies and the government.

Keynote 2 — Concern shifts strongly from bitcoin/crytocurrency to blockchain in 2018

  • In 2017, Netizens discussed a lot about bitcoin and cryptocurrency but almost did not care about Blockchain technology.
  • By 2018, people mention more about Blockchain technology on social media.
    Though the BTC price keeps falling, the focus of discussion about blockchain has changed dramatically, from 133,608 discussions in 2017 to 844,881 discussions (grow 532%) in 2018.

Keynote 3 — Facebook groups is the most popular public discussion platform.

Facebook Group discussion grows drastically in 2018 and grew 2.5 times just within 10 months of 2018.
Facebook groups became one of the most important sources where conversations about Blockchain occur with the like-minded people to connect, ask for advice and keep updating useful news.

However, the report cannot take data from private discussion groups and platforms such as Telegram and Discord. It is safe to assume that for public and entry-level information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Facebook is still the prominent choice due to the platform’s popularity.

Keynote 4 — Cryptocurrency investors, Businessmen, and Developers raise their voices the most

We followed 350 identifiable profiles from different groups of stakeholders and massively analyse all online discussions about “blockchain / crypto” they made during 2017–2018.
Each group has their own unique concerns. Not everyone perceives Crypto market as the top concern.
Almost everyone is interested in learning more about Blockchain technology via education or event/seminars.

Keynote 5 — People have a positive view of Blockchain

Despite the downturn of the crypto market and a lot of scam projects from 2017–2018, overally people share that they like Blockchain and have an optimistic view about blockchain technology with 61% positive over 5% negative.

“While the people are chattering, judging, commenting on Facebook.. Global businesses, big corporations they have already started to move to gradually adapt to Technology 4.0, with Blockchain. Maybe I dont need to say more… As the title of the article “Technology 4.0 — If not Adaptable, Will Lose” P/s: Or we should apply Blockchain to manufacture piston titanium?..”

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