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Thanks to Vietnam Blockchain Ecosystem Meetup on 14 Jan, we have the chance to gain knowledge about worldwide crypto and blockchain landscape by a quality article from CoinMarketCap!
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YellowBlocks x CoinMarketCap: Fostering quality conversations and partnerships among blockchain ecosystem players in Vietnam

This is THE FIRST PARTNERSHIP AND PRESENCE ever of CoinMarketCap in Vietnam 🇻🇳market.

We welcomed more than 70 key ecosystem players and leader communities to share thoughts about what can we do to encourage quicker blockchain adoption and foster quality conversations and partnerships between key players in Vietnam market.

The event also receives enormous support from the public, as well as major partners: WeWork, WisePass, RMIT University Vietnam — Centre Of Digital Excellence, & Zeniius, Constant , Kambria, TomoChain, NEM Vietnam, and Midas Protocol & VINEX.

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In 2018, which we’ve plotted on this chart, there have been many ups and downs as a result of news, most of which points to the market being sentiment-driven. In the end, the asset value has fallen 80% or more since the start of the year, and questioning the value of cryptocurrencies. People say “the winter is coming”!


But if we look at the market from a five-year perspective: 2013–2018
In the long run, we’re actually up quite a lot since 2013 with a lot of activities.

Over the last five years, we’ve also seen different types of cryptocurrencies. So far there is an evolving and improving set of cryptocurrencies year after year.


The reality is that in CMC, more exchange listing requests than token. With ICOs being ever harder to raise, many have turned to starting exchanges as a way to experiment and build profitability instead.


Over five years, CMC recorded the increase in numbers of decentralized applications (dApps), transactions per day of major cryptos, and the crypto ATMs around the world.


Enterprises from all around the world are actively researching the adoptions of the blockchain — technology underlying cryptos, and establishing consortia that can further these research goals, such as food source tracking, global supply chain management, provenance of luxury, and high value goods…

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Though, it is slightly funny (and kind of sad) that CMC site traffic is still 90.2% correlated with Bitcoin price. It used to be 95% correlated, so it has been getting better, but it often serves as a reminder to us that we should focus on the long term instead of patting ourselves on the back, or feeling down about any state of affairs.


Overall, this is not the winter, this is a part of the cycle!
Having more positive conversations around cryptocurrencies, and the technology underlying interests, we are excited to root for the mainstream adoption and long-term wins for both cryptocurrencies and the technology adoption.
Through many activities in the whole ecosystem, there are the encouraging signs and tangible uses of cryptocurrencies in real life, we think that we are still on the right track here.

This is the time to focus on what matters: To increase real use and adoption of the technology, which is the main way to ensure that our vision for a decentralized future is actually brought to life.

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