The AI Landscape inVietnam

Mar 30, 2019 · 3 min read

What is AI/ML/DL and the relationships with Data? What are the factors to develop AI technology in Vietnam? Let's find out the answers!


AI (artificial intelligence) artificial intelligence is a broad terminology, referring to programmed intelligent machines or algorithms that can perform tasks smoothly. In 1990, we all knew AI in the form of rivals in video games, then today AI has been developed and improved to appear in many different aspects of life.

When coming to AI, we also need to know about the related concepts: Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). ML is a subset of AI and involved with the creation of algorithms which can modify itself without human intervention to produce desired output. DL, a subset of ML, a network of algorithms are called artificial neural networks — an attempt at imitating the function of the human brain.


The explosion of DL algorithms comes from improving Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that helps to speed up the calculation of artificial neurons by thousands of times, which brings to an endless development potential for ML and AI.

While data — the main input for DL has recently reached the expectations with 90% of new data collected within 2 years. The more quality of data, the more quality of the results, or would we say “Data is the heart of the matter”.


- Natural Language Processing (NLP): automatic manipulation of natural language, like speech and text, by software. One of the well-known examples of this is email spam detection.

- Machine Vision: machine that captures and analyses visual information using a camera, analog-to-digital conversion, and digital signal processing. Examples: Face recognition, or algorithms that find sensitive images.

- Agriculture: distinguish plant varieties and identify disease quickly

-Autonomous Vehicles: cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships, submarines, and autopilot flying drones.


The gap between Vietnam and the world in AI technology can be shortened if we focus on the below factors:
- Data: Vietnam has 72% of population use smartphone — the opportunity to collect data. However, data are currently located separately in private enterprises, no central management agency.
- Computational infrastructure: In order to get large-scale experimental results in a short time, the computational infrastructure must be large enough. Currently in Vietnam, only a few enterprises are making efforts to invest in infrastructure.
- Talent: good news is that Vietnam has many well-trained and influential talents in AI and emerging tech.

5- ABCD Tech Vietnam x YellowBlocks

Clearly, we all see the chances and the challenges for Vietnam AI landscape. Not only AI, but for all technologies, they cannot stand alone, they all belongs to the ecosystem to achieve development and innovation. And that’s why ABCD Tech Vietnam and YellowBlocks become partners together towards this common goal!

Hence, we would like to announce the ABCD Tech Vietnam community to share our tech passions. It’s time to join and build a strong community in Vietnam for ABCD Tech/ Emerging Tech!

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