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How you feel about this will shape your destiny

“Life is infinite possibilities.”

Think about this. You were born as a baby, knowing nothing. And you soaked in as much as you can, from parents, from the environment, from other kids, from nature, from everything. Some of the things you learned you became identified with, that’s how you grow to have a personality or two.

Now when you look back, what you really see is — that there could be endless possibilities that you might have become. If you picked up a different thing in the process, you end up somewhere totally different.

Now looking forward, what you will realize is, that you still have endless possibilities. You will have many more things you can choose to pick up or not. To identify with something or not. And very much so, you can even drop what you picked up in the past. So, you can become anything if you’re willing.

Please take a moment and ask yourself, “What do I feel about this?”

What do you feel when you see there are endless possibilities in you?

Continue when you are in touch with that feeling.

What you feel about this reality comes from your subconscious. And your subconscious is a result of lots and lots of habits. Your subconscious helps you react fast with emotions and thoughts based on your past.

Having infinite opportunities might feel liberating for one person, and frightening for another. And this feeling will determine what your next steps are. And your following action by definition changes your fate.

The goal of this post is to bring your AWARENESS to how you feel about the infinite possibilities you have, and what your feeling about it will inevitablly shape your future. As simple as that.

Knowing this, what do you want to do now, if any?

Part of the One-Minute Series.



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Po H

Po H

I coach for happiness. I take the stance that life is here for you to enjoy! 😉 When the foundation is taken care of, whatever you do will be a success! 😎