Advice From Old Folks On How To Live Longer • 8

Gavin McMucklebraw — Age 89

Mark Starlin
Jul 14 · 2 min read

Old people are aren’t just old. They are fountains of wisdom and experience. They have lived long enough to get past the ambition and self-centeredness of youth. They know what is important and what is not worth wasting time on.

Sure, sometimes the fountain gurgles or shoots out weird water, but mostly, old folks are a criminally overlooked source of excellent advice.

It may be hard to believe but traditional publishers simply aren’t interested in tapping this fountain of wisdom and have rejected my manuscript for Super Useful Tips To Squeeze More Days Out Of Our Meager Human Lifespan.

But I am undeterred. I have made it my mission to post these valuable nuggets of wisdom online for everyone to benefit from. Savor each one. Allow them to soak in and become part of your consciousness. Then incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Here is tip number 8:

“If you decide to go against convention and build a house shaped like a huge clear yellow plastic hamster exercise ball perched at the top of a steep hill overlooking a town,

don’t keep a large charging animal like a rhinoceros as an indoor pet.”

Succinct and to the point. Great advice, Gavin!

One Minute Wit

Life is short. Read short humor. Witty reads under a minute long. Got a minute?

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One Minute Wit

Life is short. Read short humor. Witty reads under a minute long. Got a minute?

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