Madonna: Courtney Love

On its 20th anniversary, let’s relive the time Courtney Love awkwardly crashed a Madonna interview

New York, 1995. The night of the VMAs. Radio City Music Hall.

Madonna is in the middle of a live post-VMA interview with Kurt Loder. They chat about her new album of ballads, Something to Remember. Do we hear a hint of the faux British accent to which Madonna will fully commit in the early 2000s? Maybe. Kurt asks if Madonna’s “smoochy” album is a reflection of a new phase in her life. She begins to answer and then —


Something flies over Madonna’s head and hits the ground. She’s startled. MADONNA is startled. She looks down and over her shoulder. Kurt looks down too.

“Hi, Courtney!” he says. He then turns to Madonna: “That’s Courtney. Everybody’s favorite…” He stops himself. “Come on up!”

Cut to Courtney Love. She is throwing her make-up at Madonna and Kurt. She is not sober.

“Should we let her come up?” Madonna asks. “No, don’t, please,” she begs when it looks like Courtney is coming up.

Courtney comes up. The rest is history. (Watch the first minute of the Courtney crash and then the last few seconds, right before Madonna decides to leave around 4:00 — the rest is pretty boring.)