Are You Following The Good?

Don’t confuse fame with goodness.

Photo By Alicia On Unsplash

It is better to follow the good people whether they are famous or not, instead of following the famous people whether they are good or not. Follow the goodness to learn it, to be a part of it. The world needs good people in it, the ones that choose to do good regardless of whether they achieve fame and name because of it or not. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they are a good person. Some people get fame because of their wrongdoings, some people get fame because of their right doings. The point is not to follow who is famous, the point is to follow who is good.

In this world, fame is seen as a sign of glory and greatness because we pay attention to what a person has and not who they are. Just because someone is not famous doesn’t mean the good they do doesn’t matter. We should all recognize and celebrate good people whether because of their work they are known by millions or by one person. We should all try to be good and do good whether as a result we achieve fame or remain known only by a few. The good things that we do add beauty to the world, they make it a better place for us all.

There is nothing wrong with fame itself, the question is are we running behind just famous people blindly or do we follow them because they are really worth following. Fame means you are known by many, fame doesn’t mean you are known by many because you are a good person. Many people are good but we ignore them, we don’t pay attention to them because they are not famous. Fame should not be seen as something that a person must have to get respected for their good deeds. Being good is what matters above all.




Dream of a kind world where we all understand each other’s importance, feel worthy and valuable, and see ourselves as a beautiful part of humanity.

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Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He is the author of Twenty Bright Paths.

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