How We Can Go In The Direction Of Our Dreams?

The key is to never forget the dreams!

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We often compare our dreams with reality and we often look at reality with our dreams. And when we see our dreams are not suitable according to reality then we give up on our dreams. We think “dreams” are not real so they cannot become true. We assume we are not suitable for dreams, life is difficult and we cannot do it.

But those who believe in their dreams even when their life is difficult or worst, those who admit we all humans have abilities to achieve anything any dream. They become optimists and they learn to be patient. They see their dreams, they see reality also and they say to their selves “I can make it happen, it will be done. Life is never easy for anyone”. We all face different types of challenges in life but with patience and true fight with challenges we can overcome them.

The key is to never forget the dreams, the key is to believe in ourselves because when we can dream we can also make it a reality. We can make it happen with patience, consistent struggle, and with the help of each other.

When things will be suitable, when we will make things suitable then we will absolutely make our dreams reality. When we will learn to accept our weaknesses and flaws when we will have the courage to ask for help. Then we will get the help, we will make things suitable for dreams. When we will have people to remind us, encourage us, and help us then we will absolutely go on the path of our dreams.

When we will truly accept the fact that we all have weaknesses, we all need help and we all need each other then we will help each other and we will encourage ourselves to inspire each other. And our dreams will become reality.

When we go alone we feel more vulnerable and challenging, when we go together we feel more safe and powerful to fight with the challenging.




Dream of a kind world where we all understand each other’s importance, feel worthy and valuable, and see ourselves as a beautiful part of humanity.

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Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He is the author of Twenty Bright Paths.

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