Make Others Life Delightful, Not Awful

You are not most wise!

Photo By Michal On Unsplash

When we see something beautiful we feel happy, we enjoy and feel good inside ourselves. If we want to make ourselves feel beautiful then we should make other’s life delightful, making someone’s life delightful really help us to feel fascinated. We make other’s life delightful when we choose to accept people as who they are naturally and originally. To help people to be happy in their lives is a great thing that we all can do, and we should add value to the lives of others by encouraging and appreciating them for the things that they care about, so we can become compassionate.

When we don’t care about people we present ourselves as smart person and we make others feel unintelligent or dumb. When we care about people we teach them and help them to learn what they don’t know instead of showing ourselves as the most intelligent person than others, yes sometimes we can be the most intelligent person than the people in front of us, but due to our presence, no one’s respect or self-esteem should be damaged.

It’s a matter of choice, we all can choose to make other’s life delightful, instead of choosing to make other’s life difficult due to us. Adding beauty in someone else life adds beauty in our life because when we choose to add joy in other people’s lives we gain respect, admiration, loyalty and we build trust. It makes us feel great when we do something for someone because we are all attached to one another in a chain of humanity.



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