The Perfect Timing Doesn’t Exist Anywhere

There is no perfect clock!

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There’s no perfect timing to start anything, maybe you are waiting for a good time or perfect time to start working on your goals but what if you die tomorrow? We cannot predict the future because we don’t exactly know about the next moments, so start right now and don’t wait. Yes, preparation is necessary but waiting to prepare yourself for the perfect time is not a wise strategy, starting the work and making it better and better is a wise strategy. Just start, you can make things better with time. Don’t let your excuses prevent you from getting what you want.

We should remember that we cannot get what we want just because we want it, work and actions are really necessary to get and do anything. Do you want to die with regrets? If no then please take a step, make a decision, and start. If you need to prepare yourself then start work on the preparation, but don’t wait. What are you waiting for? The last day of your life when you will say why I didn’t work on my dreams! Please begin your journey. Yes sometimes it’s tough and it seems really difficult but if you will keep working then you can achieve what you wish for.

Yes, keep improving your strategies but don’t find reasons to quit, find reasons to continue because what you believe in, really matters. If you will start working on what you truly care about then it will be really difficult to give up, so start working for what you really think is essential. The bad time and difficult time is the perfect time to start work for what you want to accomplish. If you don’t start work for your desired life in tough times then how you will get the life of your dreams? You will never get if you will never take action that’s why it’s really important that we do whatever we can to start work for what we require.

We make time perfect or imperfect, it depends on what we do with it.




Dream of a kind world where we all understand each other’s importance, feel worthy and valuable, and see ourselves as a beautiful part of humanity.

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Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He is the author of Twenty Bright Paths.

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